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Why young Europeans having a love affair with South Africa? Once upon a time if you mentioned South Africa, everyone in Europe shuddered and shook their head and were slightly cautious.  To most Europeans, going to South Africa was akin to a  walk on the wild side! But somewhere along the line, South Africa, and more particularly Cape Town, “ GOT COOL!”

As a Language Agency based in the UK we place European students in English speaking High Schools throughout the World.  Once the “ go to “ place was Australia or Canada but slowly we are finding that if you want to be one step ahead of your Peers, you go to South Africa, and more particularly Cape Town.  Its suddenly cool to hang out on one of the beautiful beaches around Camps Bay or Clifton when school is done.  Its even better to take some surfing lessons, whilst dodging the sharks around Muizenburg.  You don’t get that experience in Montreal

So what began as a small occasional placing of kids in High Schools around Cape Town has now expanded to an operation where we work with nine local Schools and Colleges around The Cape and we are looking for more.  The word is definitely spreading and already for 2018 we have surpassed our target for 2017 by 15%.  Each student that goes home returns with a greater understanding of the complicated social demographics of South Africa; a genuine love of sports and a more open attitude to making new friends across all social circles.

Originally the kids were older; here for a short period of time and quite studious.  That market is changing as we welcome students from 14 years up to 19 years, who attend local Colleges such as Boland College to gain worthwhile qualifications as well as embracing the South African culture.  Children from privileged backgrounds make friends with peers living in Townships and less socially mobile homes.  From spending the Winter indoors in Europe they find they are being pushed to attend Rugby or Hiking Groups and their English becomes fluent in a very short time.  Add to that the fact that some families are also teaching them to communicate in Afrikaans and you can see why it’s a learning holidays with a wow factor. Our Europeans students really love the South African way of life and all it offers.

So if you are reading this and are thinking about hosting, whilst living around Somerset Strand; Simons Town; Fish Hoek; Brackenfell or even Camps Bay then do get in touch with us.  One of our 3 dedicated Local Co Ordinators will come along and meet you and chat through the benefits of hosting a Europeans student from 1 month to one academic year.   Take a look at our website and see if you live near to any of our schools

Source: Why young Europeans having a love affair with South Africa | South Africa Today

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