Why travelling abroad is important for young people?

Travelling abroad can be exciting or worrying matter depending on which side we stand. While young students pack their bags with a fascination of the upcoming adventure, parents often think about all the things that could go wrong and how to help their kids to avoid them.

Young students stay brave when it comes to travels and are very open to all the opportunities “out there”. While there might be plenty of reasons for travelling abroad, let’s think about all the benefits it gives no matter the reason that takes them there.

Accent and comprehension…

Foreign language seem difficult when you first start to learn and becomes easier the more you understand it –fact. While studying at home can show high self-motivation it still keeps you in your comfort zone where you can stop learning at any point or time you chose. Next day you just sit down and start again with a little recap from the day before and continuing your studies. However, it is very important to practice what you’ve learnt with some native speakers too. Travelling to the countries of language you learn will not only show you the “behind the scenes” traditions and culture but will improve or help you maintaining the accent and comprehension.

Aleks Ptasinska Staff for English Language Homestays
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Aleks Ptasinska, Summer School Co-Ordinator

Practice makes perfect…

The truth is that the more you study the more knowledge your brain can absorb. So for example it is the practice of memorising things that improves your memory. Correct pronunciation or spelling is like the shoe laces – once you learn it you don’t even think how to do it anymore you just do it! While many people have difficulties with pronouncing words correctly in other language, there is no other way of improving it than repeating until it’s right. I guess it is exactly the same with everything we do! There are many ways of learning the spelling or pronunciation, you can visualise it, you can draw or write it repeatedly until your brain doesn’t have to think about how to spell it anymore, you can listen to the songs and watch foreign films or you can youtube it.

So how can we practice the language in the best way to see the results in a short period time – travel abroad! Speaking to the person who is a native speaker in other language will let them to correct you whenever you are making a mistake. Meanwhile you not only learn the language but also get to know the person you talk to. Is like going abroad to do 1-2-1 learning. You live for a few weeks with a teacher and his or her family. So you get the formal lessons as well as conversations and spoken way of learning the language with the family members. Within those few weeks you see a rapid change of your foreign language level. It is definitely more effective than any other lessons you might get.

Because practice makes perfect…

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