Why I love being a Homestay Tutor in Brighton

I have been Homestay Tutor in Brighton for 3 years now and could not have imagined how rewarding it was going to be when I decided to do it. There is a hugely diverse culture of students passing through English Language Homestays and the Company, as well as the Students, are beautifully accommodating in their manner.

I have taught many students from beginners to higher Levels and each and every one of them have been an absolute delight! It is nice to evaluate their English Level and find what is suitable to teach and what they enjoy. I like to make them work hard at their grammar but also incorporate some elements of fun at the appropriate moments. .If they are planning to take an Exam Level, then this would be structured as such.

I love being a Homestay Tutor because as well as the bond you build between student and teacher, I  also  have to revisit things and places that perhaps I took for granted until  I was in a position to present it proudly to someone else. For example The Royal Pavilion, The Brighton Laines, and the South Downs, to mention but a few of our wonderful attractions.

It’s such a pleasure to present these things to someone who has never experienced it before and it makes me appreciate these things through new eyes. A proud feeling indeed.

Spending time with an individual who are so keen to share in our ways, our diversities, our experiences, can provoke many a giggle. Introducing a student to new food is always interesting! Watching their face when they taste thing that they thought would be horrible, and then their expression change when they realise that, actually it is very tasty!

Why I love being a Homestay Tutor in Brighton
Written by :
Tarnya Ticehurst, High School Manager

I love that my now 12 year old daughter Willow also gets to spend time with the student and appreciate the cultural divide between them. It is so nice to see them sharing drawings, meals and settling down to watch a movie after a hard day sightseeing!

The students that I have had come and stay with us have always been emotional on departure, not wanting to lose touch as we have all become like a family and have opted to stay in touch with a promise of a future return visit.

Recently one of my Homestay English Student wanted to improve her creative writing skills, I help her to develop useful words and phrases for essays. The typical mistakes in English are always the hard one to overcome with a student after that there are easy ways to improve essay writing skills. Her Full-immersion language courses was the success in improving her English Language skills.

Our Homestay students, in our experience, have always been different, but delightfully so. I am very happy to continue along this path and very much look forward to every new student that passes through our door.

Each and every student is a pleasure and a new experience for us, as well as them.

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