Why do The British love their pets

It’s a common knowledge that British love their pets, In fact I was so curious about how many households had pets that I googled it.  I found out the following…

Half of Brits living on our Island, keep a minimum of one pet in their house so that shows  we really are pet lovers. To be more specific, British households in total have more than 6.6 millions dogs and  almost 8 million cats.  Can you believe it?

Goldfish are always on demand for pets because there are 18 million of them kept in homes. I know, they don’t say much but apparently they are very popular and we Brits find them relaxing.  So a few goldfish floating around in a bowl in your sitting room and you will never be stressed again

This has to be a clear demonstration that we really do love our pets. Another element has to be the amount of books which feature pets. Not only books solely about pets but books where they are also included in the story. Animal stories are very popular amongst young children and feature heavily in TV programmes.

“83 percent of owners aren’t concerned with over-feeding their pet, and it seems that the 41 percent feed their animals fish and chips. This results in a large number of British cats and dogs being overweight.”

British pets

Have you seen the amount of beautiful young girls who carry a small dog around in their handbag as an accessory. Its crazy here in England how many girls are doing that and if you want to get to know a girl here, you have to take an interest in her dog!

I don’t know what it is that makes us Brits such Animal Lovers but we definitely are! You can judge how many Pet Passports there are. British love their pets so much that current data tells me that there are almost 200,000 Pet Passports out there. So no need to “ call home” and worry how your pet is doing without you. You can simply take your Pet on holiday and everyone is happy.

There is also a growing trend in the UK for reptiles. I think Lizards and frogs are one thing but there have been reports of people buying “ small snakes” and after a few months they are sharing their bath with a python. Not a lot of clever planning and thought went into that purchase, eh?

I recently visited a friend who had bought 3 parrots.  She felt they shouldn’t be kept in a cage and so allows them to road freely in a cage in the garden and then brings them in at night.  That sounds all very good but let me tell you, this friend brings them into the hosue and then lets them fly around freely.  You can imagine the state of her house where the parrots perch on top of the door or curtain rail and then just stop there!  By the time morning comes, there is a heck of amess for her to clear up.

Finally, chickens now seem to be taking over the craze from rabbits and guinea pigs and with new plastic hutches and the craze of “ growing your own food” – chickens are now the “ must buy for 2017”

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