Who Wants To Be A Volunteer In South Africa?

Who Wants To Be A Volunteer In South Africa?

Volunteering is an interesting way to gain valuable life experience, many students consider taking some months during their vacation period to volunteer or intern at different organisations. It’s also a good way to make themselves more appealing to employers and is a great reference for university applications for high school students. Besides that, it’s a lovely way to explore the world around them, if they decide to volunteer or intern abroad. As a result, the programmes we offer in South Africa have become increasingly popular with international students as this country is like a home away from home, but remains unique and intriguing, making their stay truly memorable. And that’s why you should consider joining one of our volunteer programmes soon and discover what other students just like you have experienced in this lovely country.

Help Needed In Townships

Those living in the townships and rural communities live on less than a dollar a day and have very limited access to necessary resources that will help them improve their situation. Participating in one of our volunteer projects will see you working alongside established organisations that strive to alleviate poverty in South Africa.

Join Our Volunteer Programme In Simons Town

The community of Simons Town in Cape Town is the ideal destination and is where many of our volunteers choose to stay. The picturesque location is popular with tourists and travellers. Not to mention the beautiful beach with its warm water- makes it a great escape during a winter break. (When it’s winter in Europe and North America it’s summer in South Africa.) However behind this beautiful landscape and appealing modern culture are townships filled with the less fortunate in society. These townships are where you’ll spend a significant amount of time volunteering and sharing your skills and interests. Where you can teach math, or help out in a design or art studio. You’ll also be able to interact with this local community on a day to day basis and share with them one of your most precious resources- time.

How Does The Programme Work?

You’ll stay with one of several host families who understand the local community and who are constantly hosting international volunteers. When you join this volunteer program you can choose from a wide range of activities where you’ll spend your weekdays with other volunteers. Since you’ll be spending a large portion of your stay volunteering it’s encouraged that you’re interested in whatever you’ll be doing. The vast list of activities we offer means there’s definitely something to pique your interest. You can decide to volunteer at a local animal rescue shelter or become a shark spotter, even teach local students math. In addition, there are a number of activities for you to get involved in to unleash your creative side.

What Will You Gain From Becoming A Volunteer?

Not that you should discount or overlook the significant impact you’ll have on those less fortunate than you. But deciding to join a volunteering organisation can have tangible benefits in the long run. The experience you gain can be considered work experience and will make the job hunt easier when you graduate from university or college. For high school students, the expertise you’ve gained abroad will add value to a university application. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of the world around you and a deeper understanding of yourself through this programme.

Why Volunteer In South Africa?

South Africa is a diverse country that is home to several international communities, from Europe, Asia, and other African states. Many of the locals speak English so it’s a great place to improve your language skills. Besides this, it’s a very attractive travel destination and has a fairly young population, which allows students to interact with other like-minded young people.

The vibe and atmosphere is another noticeable benefit, people in South Africa are always friendly and are always looking for a “jol” which is a way the locals refer to the fun. You can learn about wildlife and wildlife conservation and the community is very accepting, wanting to make travellers feel at ease. The architecture and infrastructure are quite European with a unique African flair and the locals are a group of exciting and intriguing people.

For all these reasons you should consider spending some time in one of our programmes. As you’ll not only enrich yourself but those less fortunate than you.

All our programmes are designed to help international and African volunteers make an impact in another’s life -whether big or small. But many of our students have remarked that the country and its culture has made an impact on them as well. So if you’re considered volunteering at all, South Africa should be.

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