What is “Homestay accommodation” or “Host Family” accommodation?

Today, students possess an interesting tendency towards overseas educational opportunities. Consequently, students wish to live with the local people and engage themselves in the local traditional culture. Thereby, residents offering such services are referred to as “Host Families” or “Homestay Families”. But ever wondered, what is homestay accommodation or host family accommodation?

To begin with, local families who offer accommodation options for students and warmly encourage them to settle in their “home away from home” are known as “Host Families”. Students are often placed in a single or twin room, sharing the other living areas with the hosts who mostly range from couples to families and young professionals. However, in London, host families usually do their best to give students huge level of support and supervision in order to guarantee the highest safety and comfort during their stay. This justifies the fact that host families are typically motivated by more than just income.

On a varied note, families who offer homestay programs for international students in order to let them experience the local community spirit during their student life journey are often recognised as “Homestay Families”. To add more, standard living conditions in homestay programs range from basic room-rental arrangements to absolute host family engagement. Although, in a homestay program, students typically have their own rooms, but join the family for meals and usually offer a hand in the daily household tasks. Nonetheless, host families can be families that have younger or teenage kids themselves, and homestays can actually be offered by anyone. Host families frequently choose to offer homestays as it’s an ideal way for them or their own family to merge with international students and be exposed to various cultures.

Besides, one of the widely discussed decisions when studying abroad is a homestay with a local family. Hands down, homestays are a rewarding experience as an individual is presented with a first class opportunity for genuine cultural exchange. As living situations range from single room agreements to full-blown family engagements, students tend to grab essential life lessons from the sole experience of staying with a host family. Additionally, homestay for study abroad programs allow students to jump right into their studies exclusive of the worries of finding housing, furniture or signing a lease all from overseas. As a consequence, for international students, staying in a homestay has become the most popular accommodation option as it is by far the most cost-effective way of living in London. Good homes and delicious food provided by kind hosts living in suitable locations from schools has increased the demand for homestay opportunities in London today.

Furthermore, staying with a local family actually involves an international student into the traditional culture and way of life. Homestay programs grant students with a more genuine cultural experience. In most cases, students spend their evenings and free time with their host families, treating themselves with mouth-watering meals and meeting new people actively, while experiencing daily life in their host countries. In addition, living with host families provides students with added opportunities to experience traditional cuisine, as well as cultural events and historical places that most tourists and other visitors to the country will be unaware of. Additionally, host families can serve as tour guides, providing students with essential tips on how to get by in an entirely new environment. Not-to-forget, student who choose to study abroad are more often than not considered as solo travellers due to the fact that they solely travel to a place they have never visited before. Solo travelling can be an extremely beneficial experience, and some would undoubtedly argue it’s the best way to travel. While there’s no doubt it’s a great way to perceive the world, there’s always something comforting about living with somebody who knows a destination well enough. In a homestay study abroad program, students are granted the chance of meeting fascinating people, sharing their stories and splendid experiences while getting to know the destination through the eyes of the locals. Hands down, nothing sounds more action-packed than this.

Moreover, one of the best ways of learning a new language is to be fully wrapped in it, and there is no better way of devoting oneself than with a homestay abroad program. It has been observed that students, who study abroad, don’t just move from one place to another, but they shift absolutely from one lifestyle to another. They no longer live with their parents and siblings who are the ones they are most comfortable with. They often don’t find the ingredients that are needed to cook their comfort food and hence, might over and over again be frustrated by differences. In times like these, students long for extra support. Host families often fill this gap up by being just a call away whenever the student is in need of some assistance. Thrilling roller-coaster experiences like these leave the students who study abroad with memories of a lifetime.

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