What is an English Homestay Programme?

English Homestay is a fast and effective English Learning Programme.  It is designed to help students improve their English in a very short time, by living and learning English with their own private individual Tutor, or English teacher.  The benefits of English homestay and learning with your own private English Teacher are huge.   The best bit is that the majority of our English Teachers are native English speakers which means that you will be taught English by a person who has spoken English their whole life.   They understand about colloquial English;  everyday English; Business English; English Conversation and so much more.  We sometimes also call this Homestay English – as the name exactly describes the English Programme.

Joining one of our Homestay English programmes means that you can decide what you what to learn and when.  Homestay English is an optimum English Learning Programme .  Staying at home in the teachers house and fully immersing yourself in the English Culture.  We call this an English Immersion!

Other English Language Homestay programmes we offer are also Homestays, but this time you will only live with a Host Family and attend English Lessons at our school.

Whilst it is not Intensive English as a Language Homestay Programme, it does mean that you will speak English with other people in your class; appreciate the English culture and have a good time.

Jackie Verrall MD of English Language Homestays
Written by :
Jackie Verrall,MD of English Language Homestays

So anytime you want to learn English in England, then just think about enrolling on one of our English Language Homestay Programmes, whether it is one Living and Learning with your English Teacher in their home or joining our English Language Programme – with Homestay in our classes.  Whichever one you chose you will return home and be able to say you now have ” My English Friends”

We have programmes such as, Summer School, Homestay 1-2-1 Tuition with your own Private English Teacher, Short Stay School groups for students who comes to England on short breaks and High School Integration for students for long term English Immersion programmes.

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