What is a ‘host’ family and how do you ‘apply’ for one?

What is a ‘host’ family and how do you ‘apply’ for one?
What is a ‘host’ family and how do you ‘apply’ for one?

Exchange students and their needs are considered top priorities. It is true, not alone for the immigration offices but also the families that will be hosting the student. Exchange students are a bright source of inspiration. They come to stay and visit different countries to be educated and experience a new lifestyle and culture. To ensure their stay yields productivity, the student has rely on the host families. The family members of the host family will be just like the student’s own family.

For the student to be nurtured by his/her best, the host family has to attend to a lot of things. The student may feel a little shy at first. Perhaps the student might take some time getting to know and adapt to the surroundings. All that should be done at the convenience of the student. To be a host family, all it takes is courage and strength.

Before we highlight the responsibilities of the host family and what they can do for the benefit of the exchange student, let us first address some basic questions.

What’s a host family? Also what is a homestay program?

The homestay programmes can last as much as a month or a year. It all depends on the student exchange programme that allows the student to live abroad and study for a certain number of weeks. A host family comprises of parents who are willing to take foreign exchange students under their care. While that is the definition of a host family, it’s a lot more than just that. The number of the host family is not quite an issue. There needs to be at least one parent. For instance, single parents can also help the exchange students find a better life and help fulfil them their dreams. The parent is not restricted to his/her gender. In simple words, anybody with a decent background can apply to be a host parent.

However, to become a host family certain things should be considered before letting the student become a part of your life. For instance, there should be a level of mutual understanding and trust between both the host family and the student. For the host family to establish a level of trust, they must bring themselves to a level where they are both respected and admired by the society. They should not be bankrupt at any cost. They must be on friendly terms with everyone in their neighbourhood.

These aspects are critical as the student needs to live a healthy and productive life. None of the mentioned issues, as well as other things that are likely to affect the host family, should be present on the record.

No question should be considered worth saying. That brings us to a question: Do you get paid for being a host family?

The exchange program does allow the host family to be paid a certain amount on a weekly basis. The actual amount decided at the end depends on the condition of living offered by the host family. The hosting experience certainly counts and the payment offered relies on it. The exchange programme can pay the host family through the school in which the student is studying.  £40, at least, amount that can be offered by the school. It goes higher depending on the hosting experience offered by the host family. For instance, a separate bathroom for the student and other facilities can also help you get £100 or so.

The accommodation for students should be a priority for the host family. Wherever the student stays, irrespective of the city or neighbourhood, the best is expected from the student and his/her family far away. It is understandable that the student may go through a certain change and will take time, the same is also true for empty nesters who live without the company of their children who may have grown up to be apart. It is a remarkable opportunity for empty nesters to help fulfil a student’s dream and ambitions.

Good news for host families if they are seeking to save their earnings. Through student exchange programme, the host families are liable to a tax deduction of as much as £7,500 per annum. It all depends on the host experiencing, spending money on the lifestyle provided to the student, and whatever expenses being made by the family as the student attended high school.

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