What is a football academy with English?

football academy with English
football academy with English

If your child is passionate about football, and you would like him or her to learn English language, then this is the right programme that your child. We at English Language Homestays offers a programme that has a duration of seven to fourteen days of English tuition and an intense football training. This is going to help your child to obtain the necessary skills to take his English and Football to the next level.

The exciting part is that your son or daughter will receive a Nike football sports shirt, and an English and Football certificate.

Every student will be staying with a Host Family; they can choose to stay in pairs or with another student of a different country. Your child will be able to have a full and comfortable accommodation during the time they will are staying with us. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A professional who specialises in football will be training your child. This programme includes twelve hours of football training per week; we have fantastic quality facilities with 3G pitches, and the FA certifies our coaches. This programme is especially unique because it combines what your child is passionate about with English tuition. This is the perfect combination to fast-pace your child’s English skills while doing something that he loves. The student will learn about technical circuits, individual techniques, goalkeeping, free kicks, corners, dribbling, speed cage radar, quick feet challenge, target net, Kix cubes, etcetera. They will also have matches with the local team.

During your child’s, English Tuition there will be sixteen hours of English per week, will focus on speaking, writing, reading.

Amazing Excursions

Your child will have at the very least two excursions per week; this includes visits to fantastic team stadiums such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Albion and also Wembley.  They will also visit Londons beautiful museums, and we will also provide the shopping time every young person loves to do.

As a parent myself I know that the first factor that you are concerned about is your child´s safety. But that is one of the many positive elements of our programme. As I mentioned previously, your child will, in fact, be part of our Homestay programme which will allow him or her to stay with a Host family. This will bring your son or daughter a safe and nurturing environment when being away from what they know to be home. But as a parent, I am sure that knowing this will bring you peace of mind. I know that it can be quite overwhelming for a parent to go through that fear of letting their child go to a foreign country to learn a new language and culture that they know very little about. I strongly suggest to contact us to dissipate any concerns or questions that you may have. Here it is a list of questions that you may need the answers to, so I hope that this can be of help to you and your family.

List of questions and answers for parents

  • Would this programme keep my child focus on learning a new language?

Yes, the primary focus of our programme is for your son or daughter take advantage of the intensity of our learning process. The primary purpose of the Football Academy is partly for your child to have an everyday interaction with their coaches who are English speakers, so therefore your son or daughter is going to have to for instance reply to the questions their coach will be asking in English. So, this will give your child the much-needed practice, that is necessary when learning a new language.

  • Will my child be well fed?

I know that this is a question every mother may have in their minds. Your child´s host family will provide well balanced and healthy homemade meals with a nurturing environment. One of the positive aspects of your child having a daily interaction with their host family, is the fact, that they are going to have the chance to keep practising what they have been learning, and they will also have the possibility of building a long-lasting friendship with the family members of the family that is hosting them. Please take a look at our Host family meal recommendation guide for dietary guidelines.

  • Will my child be supervised at all times?

Yes, you can rest assured that your child will be supervised at all times by his or her host family when being with them and when your child is at our Football Academy he or she will be overseen by our staff, so we do guarantee your sons or daughters safety. But it is quite essential that you as a parent instruct your child that he or she has to follow the instructions that are given to him or her because, in fact, we want them to be safe.

  • Will my child be attended to if he or she falls ill?

It is quite understandable for a parent to have this kind of concern, so we want to assure you that if something like this were to happen, we have qualified staff that will be checking your child´s wellbeing if any health issues may arise and we will resolve this with the necessary treatment that your child may need.

We can guarantee that this will be an experience that your child will never forget, and it will give him or her the chance to have the great skill of knowing a foreign language which is a splendid asset to possess in life.

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