Twenty of the most beautiful and delicious words to say in English

English is one of the most descriptive and fascinating languages to learn.  Our words are so delightful they roll around and off your tongue. It’s a truly beautiful language and no wonder it is the first choice of Romantic Poets throughout the world. There are so many 19th century Wordsmiths expressing themselves and their thoughts with these amazing words. The sound of the vowels make English a rich language to say and express yourself in.  Even if you are not a native English speaker, you can have fun using these words and using them with other people who, you may not be surprised to know, could possibly not understand or even have heard of them

So go ahead!  Have fun and learn English using our most beautiful and romantic words that will thrill and amuse

Muddler – a stick with which to stir coffee with or a person who muddles through life

Smile – what we should do every day to make our lives and others a better place

Blossom – flowers open and blossom in the spring and so do people

Bunkum – insincere speech; not necessarily the truth; just speaking rubbish

Lush – Juicy – succulent – tender – green

Rambunctious – turbulent – noisy – out of control

Serendipity – Something that has happened or meant to happen in a good and positive way. Fate; Good Luck and Manifestations

Bedchamber – an old fashioned word for a bedroom – includes bed – washing facilities & seats

Aquiver – anticipation – trepidation – excited anxious

Lullaby – A soothing quiet piece of music, often used to send a baby off to sleep.

Discombobulated – confuse upset frustrate

Sniggle  fishing for eels by putting a hook into places they hide in & wriggling it to tempt them out

Mellifluous – This word sounds pleasing and it means a pleasing, smooth sound. Mellow; rich and soothing.

Soliloquy – talking as if to yourself or about someone who can hear what you are saying about them

Grubling – a small animal or a person who is dirty and unkempt

Anguine – someone who looks like a snake or anything pertaining to one

Rapture – anything that makes you joyful; excited; delightful

Louche – dubious shady disreputable of slightly questionable character

Utopia– an imaginary island; a place of desire to live; wonderful area

Apatetic – colours that form camouflage or have ability to hide

And a bonus beautiful word because this is what your friends will be when you start using some of the most beautiful and everyday English words.    

Bedazzled – to blind; confuse; impress with your person towards others.

That’s it for now, happy learning English and please remember to use these wonderfully beautiful and descriptive words

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