Twenty Five GREAT tips for a Beautiful Life

Each morning as I walk to work I try to smile at people.  I always try to make eye contact with at least one person and then look out for them on subsequent days to smile at them again.  When they start to smile first or say “ Hello” I feel really satisfied.  It’s a nice feeling and gives me really positive energy to start my day.  It is a fact that people do like to smile at each other. Please read our ‘a beautiful life blog’ for quick inspiration boost.

I try hard not to think about anything negative so I start the day in good humour .  its little things like this, that are free, but which have a priceless result.   So I thought I would list 25 things which make my life beautiful and see if you can add any more.

  1. I wake up before the alarm goes off and so have ten minutes or so to think to myself
  2. I appreciate the weather whether its hot or cold; raining or sunshine.
  3. I walk to work and use this time to think and clear my head
  4. I always make a random conversation with at least one person I don’t know every day.  It is surprising where it leads
  5. I try to laugh and smile and make a joke with work colleagues
  6. I feed the birds in my garden and enjoy watching them come and eat their breakfast whilst I am enjoying mine
  7. I vow not to waste time on pointless arguments even if I have to
  8. “ agree to disagree” some of the time
  9. Appreciate the rain and the fact that we don’t have a water shortage like many countries, even South Africa is on water rationing.
  10. An easy one.  I try not to hang around negative people so that I don’t have negative thoughts
  11. I try to mix with positive people so that I leave them feeling happy and in a good and positive mood
  12. I eat healthily, even if it is not an expensive meal.  Half of the fun of eating a good meal is to prepare it.
  13. I am really thankful for all I have and say it, daily. A sort of morning prayer or affirmation.
  14. I never skip lunch and sit outside when I can and savour the lunch and my surroundings.
  15. I love to grow my own food, even if it is only tomatoes and strawberries.  Its very satisfying watching them grow and then harvesting them to share with family and friends
  16. Sharing is important and you should share one thing each day.  Be it information; money; food or a joke
  17. Exercise in some way each day.  Exercising your body is also exercising your mind and you will feel happier and clearer
  18. If you cant discuss things with friends then discuss it with YOUR God.  It doesn’t matter who you thank in your mind, but thank someone for your life.
  19. Work out what your purpose is each day and try to achieve it.  Satisfaction costs nothing, but is “ money in the bank”
  20. If you feel “ hard done by” then try comparing your life to others who are not so fortunate.  It wont be long before you are counting your blessings
  21. Do not waste time on anything that does not make you feel more positive; satisfied and happy
  22. Take delight in your country and the people who live in it.  Feel proud of your fellow countryman’s achievements.  Be proud of the nationality you are but be respectful of others.  It may not be the country you “ call home” but it is to other people.
  23. Knock on your neighbour’s door and see if they need anything.  People may just appreciate the chance to speak to you .  You could be the first person they have spoken to, today.
  24. Read a book quietly in the sunshine or listen to a piece of music you enjoy.  Music is very uplifting and a great anti-depressant and certainly better than Drugs and Medicine
  25. Ask people around you what makes them happy.  Just hearing their lovely suggestions will make you smile
Jackie Verrall MD of English Language Homestays
Written by :
Jackie Verrall,MD of English Language Homestays

In years to come, all of this positive thinking will have a great effect on your wellbeing.  Now, what are you Twenty Five tips that will give you not only a beautiful life, but a satisfying one as well.  Don’t waste time, start thinking about them and for sure you will feel happy before very much longer….

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