Top 10 Reasons to Learn English in Cape Town South Africa

Reasons to Learn English in Cape Town

Cape Town – Rainbow Nation

Have you to been to the Rainbow Nation. Well, South Africa, also known as rainbow nation, is a great country where people have learned to co-exist regardless of nation, creed or race. What’s more, Cape Town is a coastal city in South Africa and it is home to around 3.5 million people. Cape Town is also the capital and primate city of the Western Cape Province and it is one of the most populated South African cities.

Learn English in Cape Town

Are you planning to study English language in Cape Town, South Africa? Cape Town South Africa is among the most beautiful cities in the world and it’s the world’s favourite cities. In addition, it is home to internationally recognised English schools, which offer budget friendly English courses. So, if you have plans of studying English abroad, then look no further than Cape Town.

South African English schools admit various students from all over the world, and they have enthusiastic and well experienced teachers who will ensure that you have an outstanding English language learning experience.

Having said that, let us delve deeper into why you should study English language in Cape Town South Africa.

10 Reasons to Study English Abroad in Cape Town

1. Prestigious English Schools

The city of Cape Town has an established system of public universities, colleges and homestays that offer English courses. What’s more, you get to attend schools that have tailor-made English courses, which help to ensure that the needs of each and every student are addressed.

What’s more, you also get to be part of the diverse students, and to learn in a relaxed environment. Learning language in Cape Town also gives you the opportunity to interact, and to be taught English by very dedicated and qualified teachers.

Another reason why you may want to study abroad, particularly in South Africa is because you get to experience various styles of learning, which you probably wouldn’t experience in your home country. Your study abroad trip to the Rainbow Nation will certainly be incredible because you will get to understand the culture, the people and the traditions.

2. Easy adaptation to South African Customs

South African institutions not only enable you to hone your English language skills, but they also introduce you to various customs in the Western Cape more so the ones associated with English.

This enables foreigners to adjust to the new environment, particularly those who perceive the South African tradition as difficult and nerve racking. Studying abroad, particularly in Cape Town gives you an opportunity to learn in a foreign nation, to understand the glamor, and culture of the new land.  You also get to learn a new language, particularly the native language because of the constant interaction that takes place outside of the classroom. In other words, you get to improve your language skills and understanding of the new language, or native language.

3. It is affordable

Learning English in Cape Town gives you the opportunity of improving your English. What’s more, you are able to acquire skills that will open up career opportunities without having to pay expensively.

South African English schools in Cape Town are highly affordable unlike other countries such as USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and New Zealand. So, if you want to study English abroad, and you’re looking for an affordable alternative, you may want to enrol in a South African language school in Cape Town.

4. Best Landmarks in Cape Town

Cape Town city is known for the best landmarks, which makes it possible for students to learn how to speak English while experiencing life. So, if you enrol for an English course in South Africa, you can plan to visit the natural and man-made tourists attractions, which include the Table Mountain, Cape Point Nature Reserve, the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Boulders Beach Penguin Colony, the Chapman’s Peak Drive, Cape winelands, Signal Hill and the Noon Gun, Clifton and Camps Bay Beaches, Iziko Museums of South Africa, the Victoria and Albert Waterfront.

What’s more, you can also engage in the various outdoor activities, which include biking, kite surfing, hiking, whale watching trips, whale watching adventures and cage dives with great white sharks. In other words, if you have a sense of adventure learning English in Cape Town will be quite adventurous.

5. English Immersion Programs in Cape Town

If you’re looking to combine effective English learning with a memorable South African adventure, you can enrol for immersion course in Cape Town. What’s more, during your immersion course you can decide to go on a safari, to the beach, and maybe explore South Africa’s modern economy in the vibrant city of Cape Town.

In other words, apart from having the advantage of learning English in small classes, innovative teaching methods, and having one-on-one discussions with the teachers, this wonderful city helps to ensure that you combine an immersion experience with efficient language learning.

What’s more, enrolling in an immersion course in Cape Town allows you to return home with improved language skills and unforgettable memories.

6. You can enrol for Summer programs

Summer English courses are also available. What’s more, if you spend summer studying English in Cape Town, you will certainly have a memorable experience and enjoy English courses that have been tailored to suit your needs. You will also have an opportunity of choosing the duration of your English course , which can either be four, three or two weeks.

What’s more, with summer programs you either choose to live in the college, or university, or with a local homestay, and there will certainly be a full program of activities for you. The advantage about summer English Language courses in Cape Town is that you will learn English in small classes or one on one.  Teachers are highly experienced, which will enable you to be able to improve your English regardless of the duration you stay in Cape Town. 

It is important to note that the English lessons are normally designed based on what you want to accomplish while you are in Cape Town South Africa.  You wil certainly be able to enjoy summer activities, which include lazing on the beaches in Cape Town, visiting the winelands during your free afternoons, visiting the breathtaking landmarks such as the Table mountain, as well as visiting the national monuments and  museums. You will also get to enjoy the bustling shopping malls, cafes, pubs, and barbecues by the beaches.

7. Homestays in Cape Town

Another advantage of studying English in Cape Town is that some language schools offer homestay programs, whereby you live in a private home with a South African family, also known as a host family. English homestay programs also have an option of living with your English teacher, and these kinds of programs are very famous with international and local students within Cape Town.

Living with a host family is beneficial because you get to speak English with them, which in turn enables you to practice your newly acquired language skills. South Africans love hosting and while you live with them, you are able to learn more about the South African culture and the cuisine.

Most students of English courses in Cape Town often prefer to live with host families.What’s more, if you join a host family as an exchange student, you get new brothers or sisters, which also gives you an opportunity of learning at the host siblings language schools. If you want to live with a host family located in the leafy suburb, or if your host family live in city centre, you may want to enrol for an English course in a school that is located in the southern suburbs. There are certainly good schools in the suburbs of Cape Town and most host families with large houses live there.

With regard to amenities in homestay Cape Town, you may be required to share a bathroom with the host family, or you may have a private bathroom more so if you choose a homestay plus accommodation option. What’s more, free wifi and a swimming pool are some of the amenities that you will enjoy when living with a host family. You may want to carry a hair dryer with you just in case the host family does not offer you one.

8. Career opportunities

When you learn English in Cape Town, South Africa, you not only go back to your home country with language skills and a great English education, but you also take with you a new culture, and the enthusiasm to learn. These are very appealing qualities to most employers and your career opportunities will certainly increase.

9. Make Lifelong Friends

A major benefit of studying English in Cape Town is that it gives you the opportunity to meet new people, and to make long-term friends with both students and the host family.

10. Personal Development

Enrolling in Cape Town English schools enables students to become independent, to adjust to different situations that are at times overwhelming, and to become great problem solvers. What’s more, students get to discover themselves while honing their language skills.

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