The best high school study abroad programmes in South Africa

High school study abroad programmes in South Africa

Possessing eleven national languages, South Africa is an example of language diversity. Dynamic, picturesque, and relaxed, it takes mere moments to fall in love with this nation. Consequently, South Africa has undoubtedly become one of the best nations and the most popular to have high school study abroad programmes today.   

To begin with, high school study abroad programmes endow you with remarkable life experiences, build you confidence and social skills, enhance perspectives, notable language skills, and the inimitable opportunity for personal development. A great way of strengthening the overall silhouette of your resume when applying to a college, graduate school, or even pursuing a career, is to include a study abroad experience in it. Essentially, opting for South Africa in this context provides you with an experience that is just not possible to have at home. It is undeniably the experience that is to be cherished forever.

Considered as the cradle of humankind, South Africa offers you the chance of exploring a country immersed in rich cultural, political and archaeological history.  On the whole, South Africa is ideal for students who are keen on environmental conservation, wildlife protection, community service, exploring distinct cultures, and making new friends from across the globe. You’ll discover that once you’ve arrived it will be difficult to leave, as South Africa makes you feel at home!  Sited at the southern end of the African continent, South Africa is one of the most historically intricate countries in the world. Branded by the title, ‘Rainbow Nation’ and being the proud host of the 2010 World Cup, South Africa is incontestably an ideal destination for high school students. With distinctive summer, quarter, and yearlong programmes available, high schoolers can explore the magnificent city of Cape Town and other historical sites as part of their study abroad experiences for as short or as long a programme as they require. All in all, South Africa offers an exceptional look into a Sub-Saharan culture that hardly any other country can provide.

Out of the numerous study abroad programmes in South Africa, English Language Homestays is specifically committed towards high school students, intertwining together adventure and travel with an opportunity to assist local communities which provides the students with a better understanding of this vast country. Unbeatably running English Language courses, short stays and programmes for high school for over 25 years now, English Language Homestays have aided in redefining the entire idea of summer school study abroad programmes. Renowned for working with welcoming and friendly professionals, English Language Homestays expertise in mastering the skill of teaching the English language is second to none. Nonetheless, it is also providing you with extensive profiles of tutors online  for those interested in Home Tuition whilst in Le Cap!.

High school students from one of our partner school in Cape Town
High school students from one of our partner school in Cape Town

Hands down, nothing beats the experience you can have by swimming with the Penguins at the prominent Boulders Beach in Cape Town as well as acknowledging some of the spectacular wonders seized by Cape Town. What else can possibly sound more fascinating than this?

On a different note, an exchange programme, also with English Language Homestays in South Africa provides a life-changing summer for a high school student through local art engagement opportunities, eco-travels, hosting community service projects, and outdoor adventures. Students can contribute to an intellectual inquisitiveness for the world with one another, as well as build profound and everlasting friendships while living with a host family. Although there are countless study abroad high school programmes, it is certain that not everyone is interested in devoting an entire academic year in another country. This is eased by the varied study abroad opportunities accessible today. Consequently, if you intend to spend your junior year abroad, then there are precise high school abroad programmes designed exclusively with that objective in mind. If you would rather dedicate your academic year at a local high school, then opt for researching the study abroad high school programmes offered during summer.   As we mentioned before, you can come for as little as one month up to one academic year.

Once and for all, imagine packing your bags and biding goodbye to the familiar lifestyle you subsist every day. Visualize setting your foot into the vivacious green countryside, fascinating cities, and crafting new friendships with the local population. Ponder on how incredibly startling it would be to munch South African cuisine, travel across sophisticated African sites, and immerse into a diverse culture. We can bet, from your experience, you’re likely to emerge out as a person with a comprehensive perspective and far-fetched adventure under your belt.

So why not discover high school study abroad programmes in South Africa this summer? A breath-taking quest awaits!

If you like to learn more about our High school programmes or English courses, please do not hesitate to contact us for our various English courses in South Africa.

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