Teaching English to French Students or Séjour Linguistique

Teaching English to French Students

As a teacher Teaching English to French Students also know as Séjour Linguistique as well as with all our international students, the focus is on pronunciation and fluency. The lesson focus is predominantly on speaking and encouraging the students to participate in discussions. We always try to be an Interactive English Language School.

For example we had a group of students of 13-15 yrs. old from France they were here for 5 hours of lessons a day for a week. No mean feat in concentration especially as the lessons are completely in English with nobody translating words into French although Google does help occasionally!

One lesson was about Festivals. The French students were encouraged to talk about any festivals they may have attended and then in small groups plan their own festival including who the festival would be aimed at what type of entertainment and how many days it would last.

The students then pooled all their information and designed a poster and plans for their festival and then presented it to the class.

When teaching English to French speakers, it is important not to stop the flow of the presentation and as a teacher I am aware not to over correct the language when student make mistakes as it can unnerve them and make them embarrassed to speak and lower their self confidence. Usually I make a note of any mistakes in pronunciation or grammar and go over them at the end. As a teacher, Intuition English is very important for me and I use lot’s of different methods and skills make each lesson very personal for students.

With French students there are some words that are difficult to pronounce and I’m sure my French pronunciation is diabolical! However French students (and all French speakers) usually tend to say every ‘r’ that is written but in English you don’t normally pronounce an ‘r’ if it’s before a consonant – for example:  Four thirty in the afternoon. After some great presentations we voted the best Festival and one that we would all like to attend. This time it  was The Harry Potter Festival , it looked like a smaller version of Disneyland in Paris with rides and  had some amazing entertainment  such as competitive Quidditch match  and Quiddich themed food stand selling such delicacies such as a ‘Quaffle’  a type of waffle  Bludgers a type of burger  and Golden Snitch which are a type of donut!

All the students enjoyed presenting their Festivals and it gave them more confidence in speaking in English. If you like to learn more about teaching English to French speakers, please contact us today

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