Teaching English to a foreign Student

At English Language Homestays we want to make learning English fun and relevant for young people. Teaching English to a foreign Student is something we do everyday.

Today was an interesting day in my class, the subject was Festivals and my 13 and 14 year old Czech students described in great detail some great festivals that took place in their area.

It was then their turn in groups to invent their own festival by choosing the music, deciding how many people would attend and what activities would take place. The decisions in their group were to decide on the music, dance, food generally let their imaginations run wild.

We had some great Festival idea but Anna and Karolina’s Harry Potter Festival was the overall winner!

The other group had been learning about the differences in British and Czech cultures and learning new words and phrases which they soon put in to practise when they went into Shoreham Town Centre with their teacher and interviewed passers-by.

The questions were about what people knew about Czech Republic and whether they had been there, the students were a very surprised how friendly everyone was and how many new words they learnt.

Students had to exchange a Czech word for an unusual English one so many people have been  taught to say dobré ráno and jak se máš in exchange for some new English words such as antidisestablishmentarism and discombobulate

So thank you very much to the kind and patient people of Shoreham.

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