English Language Homestays Teacher Marike C


Marike lives with her husband and daughter in a beautiful area of South Africa – Stellenbosch. Their home overlooks endless fields of corn and each evening you can watch the sun going down from their terrace.
Marike has a B.A. degree in English Literature, French and Classical Culture and consulted in human resources, training and coaching, while Immo ( her husband) is a qualified Hydrogeologist and Business man. Marike prefers to teach students at the beginner and intermediary level and she has endless patience. If a student finds it hard to understand something, she uses lots of visual aids.
  • English Language Homestays,<br /> 32A High Street, Brighton,<br /> Shoreham by sea BN43 5DA
  • +44 1273 462772
  1. Native English Speaker
  2. Speaks English; Afrikaans Dutch and French Fluently
  3. BA educated in English Literature and French
  4. Ideal for Young Learners and has close links with Local High School

Marieke is one of our Local Co Ordinator’s in The Cape and takes a great interest in her students who visit her and host families close by.  She has links with many of the local High School who welcome our students for day or weekly integration visits.   She lives on a “ sustainability complex” with lots of other young families and their life is very sociable.   Close to the delightful Stellenbosch area, but also many Wild Life Sanctuaries and Parks.  If you like surfing then Marieke will ensure that you get to practise this as well as have English lessons.  Finally, a programme is not complete without a trip to Table Mountain and for the more energetic you can walk to the top at sunset and watch the sun go down….

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