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Living Immersion English - Lunch & Tea Table
What is British Teatime?

A traditional afternoon tea is quintessentially English. It is a meal that is served after 2.00pm (before this would be lunch) and no later than 8.00pm (after this would be dinner).  History of Afternoon Tea The tradition goes back to the early nineteenth century, when Anna,  7th Duchess of Bedford complained about ‘being hungry’ during…

Old Southern Railway 847
You are never too old to learn English!

Recently I was asked to teach an octogenarian English.  Don’t be surprised, he is actually 86 and still working. I know, life for us as we get older is looking promising! Mr Nozair hails from Cairo and has an extremely buoyant business exporting Lemons and Grapefruits to all parts of the World and this, dear Readers, is why he wants to improve his English

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