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English Language Centre Brighton
English Language Centre Brighton

The English Language Centre Brighton is the home to 3 homestay language courses, namely: Summer School, Homestay Tuition and Group Short Stay. These special offers being hosted in Brighton is by no means a coincidence. It is one of the best places to facilitate a learning environment because of its coastal location as well as the overall package that comes with visiting.

Become a host family in Brighton
How to become a host family in Brighton

When you become a host family in Brighton will open the door for you and your family to new cultures, experiences, and to new lasting friendships. And that very important fact is what it will give you the opportunity of earning an always much needed extra income that any family in this world always needs.

Why I love being a foreign student in Brighton
Why I love being a foreign student in Brighton?

Being a foreign student in Brighton and Living in here is for me it has been a home away from home, mainly because of two things polish restaurants & sea. Back home I used to live near to the sea and I don’t think I’d ever get bored of the sound of waves and (noise of) seagulls! Although Brighton seagulls -and I don’t mean the football club here- are very social and don’t mind enjoying your meal with you.

Summer school 2019 in England one Week £495 (All Inclusive) 
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