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Now that you have decided you really want to come to England to learn English, you want to know how to do it?

Do you take a traditional English Course in a Language School?  Do you choose a Homestay English Course by living with your Teacher, or do you really want an adrenaline rush and have decided to learn English and play sports?

If you are choosing to learn English and play sports then you will be spoilt for choice at the very many different Centres around England that offer this.  However, one thing to bear in mind is that the English weather can be unpredictable, especially the further North of the country you go and this is the reason why many students who choose a Summer Sports Camp in the UK to learn English decided to visit locations on the south such as Eastbourne; Brighton and Bournemouth.  In fact, did you know that Brighton has been deemed to be one of the happiest places to live, especially for young students.

All of these Summer Sports Camp will offer English lessons in the morning.  Many offer 4 or 5 mornings of English as well as some cultural excursions around the area.  In the afternoons you will have a choice of sports to participate in and is another way to learn and develop, not only as a Teenager but as an English student.   All of the staff members will have been chosen for their enthusiasm in sports as well as their empathy with young students.   Many camps in the UK offer English and Tennis; or English and Horse Riding or English and Football.

As you can imagine, English at a Football Academy is quite popular, even with girls.  A lot of Football Academies will include Day Trips to top Clubs such as Arsenal; Chelsea and, if you choose to take your Summer Camp in the North of England, Manchester United!!  Football Camps are operated throughout the UK and there are some very big ones such as the Nike Academy, down to the smaller independent ones who focus on sports but also English lessons.  In this case, Small is definitely good!   Sports Camp tend to run from June to the end of August and even though it is the Summer, football is still very popular and played everywhere throughout the UK.

Jackie Verrall MD of English Language Homestays
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Jackie Verrall,MD of English Language Homestays

Within the framework of the English Programme will be a mixture of English lessons; sports and cultural activities.  You will be staying with other International students in a carefully selected host family, known to the Academy.  Its a great way to make new friends; learn new skills and just have a fun time.

The age for these Camps is varied.  Some Camps take students as young as 8 years old but if you are serious about improving your English then the best Sports Camps will be in the age range from 12 to 18 years.  These students will have had a few years of learning English and be able to communicate with each other.  The reason why this is better, is that having a few words of English does help you to make friends .  Don’t worry though if speaking English seems a little strange in the first few days.  Other International students will be feeling the same and this is where the Buddy System comes into force, as you will be shown around the Sports Camp by another International Student who has been on the Programme for a week or so.  You will never be alone….

However if you are not wanting to learn English and play Sports in a large group then you can always consider Sports on a Homestay Teaching Programme.  After the lessons in the morning, you can choose to attend Golf; Tennis; Surfing or Horse Riding lessons and this is another way to combine your English learning programme with sports.   It may not be full of other International students but you will still get exposure to spoken English in the afternoons as well as improve your chosen sport.  Its just another way to learn English in England.

Camps in the UK fill up quickly, especially those around the popular coastal towns on the South, so don’t delay and book your place on one of the Summer Sports Camp before it is too late.  By the time you return home you will have developed new skills; improved your English; made lots of new friends and found new independence.  All in all you will wonder what took you so long to join up.

If you like to join our Multinational English Summer school or Active Football academy programmes, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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