Summer School for Teenagers

Summer School for Teenagers

If you are a teenager, or a parent of a teenager, who is serious about learning or improving English then the ideal place in the summer would be a Summer School for Teenagers.

The best way to learn a language is by being immersed in the country and no one does this better than England.  Did you know that tens of thousands of people come to England, alone, just to learn English and improve quickly.  In fact it is a known statistic that to learn any language you should live in the country and adjust not only to the different accents but also the sentence pattern and pronunciation.

You need to enrol on a high quality English learning course and one that is aimed at helping teenagers will ensure that after the lessons in the mornings, you get some fun excursions and activities in the afternoon.  Throw in some quality excursions to places such as London; Brighton; Portsmouth or even Hastings and you will find that learning can be fun.

International Summer Camps in the UK are a growing trend with European teenagers who want to spend as little as two or three weeks here; improve their English and also have some fun.  Many Language Schools understand the importance of this and ensure that there is a healthy balance of learning; fun and culture.

One of the reasons why Summer Camps for teenagers is so popular is that they are mixing with students from other countries and this is a great way to practise your English.  It is also a way to become independent by taking your first steps abroad, without your parents, and many students have gone home with a new found confidence.  Add to that the fact that you will have made new and lasting friends and its another way to keep on learning by staying in touch with them on social media.

If you don’t like the idea of going to a Language School in England then you can consider the other option which many teenagers like and that is an Immersion stay.  This is where you live with an English family and take part in their every day activities. So not only are you visiting the area but also constantly speaking English with your host family. One of the more popular parts to take this kind of stay is on the south coast around the Brighton area.

Brighton is a very cosmopolitan City and students from all over the world, some to learn English, come and visit.   They enjoy the hustle and bustle of the City as well as the long coastline with safe beaches.  There is also Brighton Pier which dates back to Victorian time and if you want culture then you should visit the Brighton Royal Pavilion or the Regency Lanes.

Being a student you should enjoy hiring a bike and cycling through the City or along the coastline to places such as Rottingdean, where Rudyard Kipling lived or to Shoreham which is fast becoming an extension of Brighton and is known for its art and literary centre.  Whichever part of the United Kingdom you choose to visit be sure that your Summer School has the following benefits.

1. At least 16 hours of English a week in an International Class

2. At least 1 or 2 cultural excursions to places such as Brighton; Hastings; London; Portsmouth; Chichester or Arundel.  All great cultural centres

3. Has a Host Family that has been regularly used by the School and known to them

4. Young and Vibrant Activity Leaders who encourage you to try some fun and exciting programmes whilst learning English

5. Includes a Bus Pass in the price to enable you to get around the City with ease

6. An on call 24 hour emergency telephone – just in case you have any worries

7. Includes activities every afternoon such as swimming; Cycling; Bowling or Golf

8. A Buddy System, so that you are being looked after by another student on your first few days

After that – relax – take a deep breath and enjoy your Summer Camp for Teenagers 2018

If you are interested in International study abroad programmes, please take a look out our summer school page for programmes and activities in a great English language school.

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