Summer School and Summer Courses 2019 in the UK

Summer School and Summer Courses 2019 in the UK

Why not try something different this summer and join a summer school programme? These programmes are designed with youngsters in mind and are meant to stimulate and unleash their learning potential in an exciting and safe environment. Learning is one of the primary objectives and children will be able to learn through different activities. In a formal classroom setting as well as through interactive experiences that will be conducted throughout their stay. For that reason it’s become a popular option with both parents and students, and is one of the most action packed, yet renowned academic English language programmes around. 

Summer Programmes For High School Students

Our exclusive programme in England has been operational for over 20 years, and each year many students get to embark on this journey of learning, integration and exploration, in a fun, fulfilling and eye-opening experience. They’re able to learn about English culture in a safe environment because we’ve developed a programme that ensures students are comfortable while they’re supervised.

This starts the moment they land in England. Instead of staying in an impersonal living arrangement students are paired with host families which have been inspected and meet our high standards. 

Secondly, they are placed in their summer class where they’re taught the English language by a trained professional. 

After classes they’ll be taken on cultural excursions to monuments and historical landmarks in the heart of London, when our school travels their every Wednesday. This is immerse education at it’s finest. And yet, our English immersion doesn’t stop there. The children attending our summer school and summer courses will get to travel to other British destinations and cities like Portsmouth, Hastings and of course Brighton.

Summer School UK – For Ages 10-17 Years

This English immersion in our world leading Junior school allows children between 10 and 17 years old to explore England. Each week they’ll have 16 hours of English lessons in our small but dedicated classrooms. They’re placed with children from different countries, which encourages them to actively speak English in the classroom.

They’ll participate in drama lessons and similar activities that have been proven to assist with their speech – making them confident and eloquent speakers in the process.

When they participate in excursions they’ll be encouraged to use the English they’ve learnt in class in several real life situations.

Thinking About Whether This Is The Best Option For Your Child In 2019?

Many parents are concerned about sending their children abroad on their own for lengthier periods of time. For younger children, those aged 10 to 14, they may not have travelled very far on their own before. However, we assure parents that we provide an environment for all the children in our school that’s safe. They have activity leaders, who monitor and supervise their trips and excursions. As well as their student welfare officer whose job it is to make sure they’re enjoying their stay and they feel comfortable, in addition to checking that all their needs are met.

Throughout the 20 plus years we’ve been in operation many parents go out of their way to compliment our school – which is a testament to how much their children enjoyed the experience. There are even the learners that choose to come again, and will make their way to our school each summer, because each year it’s a new experience with other like minded, driven and ambitious children of their same age.

Summer School Brighton

Quick Takeaways: What You Need To Know About Our Summer School For 2019:

Safety is paramount: We’ve put measures in place to ensure that children are always safe and travel and explore unharmed.

Our host families are caring: They’re not just caring, they’re friendly and are known to make the students feel comfortable.

Students will visit London each Wednesday: There are many different international landmarks children will get to visit in London and other locations every week.

Students will visit many different English towns: Our school and host families are stationed in Brighton and Shoreham by sea, but students will also get to visit Hasting and Portsmouth, Chichester, Worthing, Greenwich, Hampton Court, Camden Town, Hastings, Arundel, Covent Garden

The experience is centred around learning: They’re not only learning English in the 16 hours we have dedicated to this, they’ll also be learning about English culture and History.

Children will have the most fun: Children that attend our programme are as satisfied as their parents. They’ve gotten to meet and have made new friends, they’ve visited exciting places and all of this during the best time of year – summer.

There really isn’t any reason to be hesitant about sending your child abroad. This exclusive programme in England has been operational without so much as a glitch because we have dedicated staff, executives, tutors, enthusiastic activity leaders and host families that make this one of the best programmes to join in the summer.

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