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brighton football academy

English Langauge Homestays Brighton Football Academy – the centre for fun and excellence.

Our Brighton Football Academy situated in the vibrant outgoing city of Brighton in the United Kingdom is the perfect place to be during the warm summer months if you have a burning desire to playing football and also get to learn English in a fun laid back atmosphere. If you are looking for such a fun thrilling yet educative experience, then search no more and enrol into Brighton’s Football Academy 2019.

During your time in the summer camp, students will be taken on tour to visit some premier league stadiums such as Brighton and Hove Albion, Chelsea, Arsenal and also Wembley to enjoy an all-round tour around these clubs and their facilities. How cool is that!?

During this tour, you get to tour around the same grounds that professional players use and get a feel of what it’s like to be a professional league player.

English language lessons take place in the mornings with our qualified and experienced teachers and in the afternoons you will have Football Association Coaches who will help improve your football skills right from the start, in mastering each basic soccer skill to help in maximising your performance and enable you to enjoy the game with other football craze filled boys and girls from all over the world.

Each student will receive a Nike football shirt, English Language Certificate and football certificate with individual reports and performances for other positions you may be able to play within the game.

brighton football academy


On camp our football training sessions, which include 12 Hours of football training a week, are focused and geared towards teaching you realistic technical skill, practice ball control skills, dribbling, striking, passing, heading, speed cage radar, quick feet challenge, target net, Kix cubes, rules and fair play, right sportsmanship etc with the right tactical applications. Every effort will also be made to arrange a friendly football match with a local team to test out the skills learnt.

This will help you to stay focused, get out of your comfort zone and meet a whole host of new friends to interact with.


Your assigned coach will be fully trained and FA qualified, guiding each player with clear step by step instructions. To play professional football is the goal right!?

What Sets Brighton’s Football Academy Apart?

Not only will our students acquire new football skills but they will be immersed in an English environment with other young individuals of like minds. This is bound to improve your self-confidence and learning capabilities whilst acquiring new skills both on and off the football pitch.

We implement a very important piece of the learning process which is self-evaluation at the beginning of the program with oral and written evaluations at the end.

Our tours to club stadiums of Arsenal, Chelsea, Brighton and Hove Albion and Wembley will allow you to get an insight into the world of professional football and feel what it takes to be part of a premier league professional team.

brighton football academy


• English Language Lessons:

This is a compulsory part of the academy’s curriculum. 16 hours of English lessons take place each week focused on speaking, listening, writing and reading. But do not worry, it is going to be a fun and exciting class experience as some of the lessons revolve around your favourite game of football to focus your attention and help your understanding. This way, you get to improve and perfect your English speaking skills while learning with other young players who also attend the same programme.

• Day Trips & Hosting:

We embark on day trips, sightseeing around London and visits to museums and cultural landmarks but we also provide some relaxed shopping time to enable you to recover from the stresses and strains of physical activity experienced during the course of the training programme.

Your host family will direct you on how to get to and from the English lessons and the location for the football training and give you a packed lunch to take with you each day. You will probably be hosted with other European students who are also on the Football academy programme. Awesome right!?

• Team Enrolment and Student Welfare:

Players will be enrolled and assigned to a team of the same age bracket or ability. Also, your safety, welfare and well-being is our top concern. So we check the welfare of all our students each morning and ensure that any problems or difficulties such as sickness, lost property, complaints and general wellbeing are dealt with as quickly as possible by our onsite welfare officer.

Please take a look at our football academy with English page to learn more or contact us for more information.

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