Summer English programmes in the UK

Summer English programmes in the UK


More than 500,000 people from all around the world travel to the UK every year to become skilled at English. Being the home of English language renowned for academic excellence, a rich artistic heritage, vivid diversity and mix of countryside, with neighbouring cities and coasts, summer English programmes in the UK have become the most popular destination for English learners till date.

In the United Kingdom, summer schools enable students to engage themselves in full-time intensive classes related to a subject chosen by them as well as students are granted the chance of practicing extracurricular activities which in turn encourages socialisation between them and boosts cultural awareness. Also, these schools present summer courses that may aid students in revising a subject studied during the previous academic year, further explore a known subject, or discover a new interest. On the other hand, some international students go to summer programmes to practice their language skills or to learn more about subjects they are interested in. Others attend summer schools abroad in order to test if they like a completely new field of interest or not. On the other hand, most universities nowadays, offer different options for summer courses so that students can pick something for themselves that will make their summer simply unforgettable.

Proudly operating successful and popular English language courses, International Language Homestays, short stays and summer school programmes for over 25 years till date, English Language Homestays present students with a unique opportunity to experience student life at one of the most popular destinations around the world. With numerous English Language centres and friendly host families across the UK, students are bound to witness an exciting, fun and enlightening learning experience during their short or long stay. To add more, innovative class activities in such summer school programmes are great social icebreakers for the students. In addition to other great opportunities that help to interact with like-minded bright students, summer camps, special events, parties and city trips usually make this summer school experience memorable for the attending students.

Summer schools are often characterised by a welcoming and extremely interactive study environment that forms the perfect setting for making a lot of new friends. Students create long-lasting relationships by interacting with their classmates and grouping up to participate in social events. Also, introvert students find it easier to open up – due to the friendly atmosphere, the shared interests of the participants, the small study groups and the acceptance of diversity, which makes this journey such an enjoyable one. Moreover, a summer school provides a focused academic environment with smaller classes and fewer learning hours. As the duration of the study is limited, students obtain a higher level of interaction through class discussions and participations that help them to gain detailed information in their chosen subjects. 

Additionally, as any extracurricular activity, a summer school proves the level of commitment a student possesses for self-development and his willingness to go the extra mile in order to achieve his desired goal. The skills gained through the summer courses help the students to perform better in a variety of settings. These advantages always make a positive impression no matter what career path they choose to follow. The extra preparation obtained through summer programmes will likely contribute to better grades and access to better universities in the future. It also helps the students in upgrading their CVs to impressive ones. On a different note, one of the most evident reasons to take a summer course is to increase the exam outcomes of a student. The extra study hours strengthen the knowledge of a subject owned by him which boosts up his academic grades. Also, innovative and effective learning methods give students new ideas about how to approach learning. They gain practical skills, such as learning how to write a critical essay or apply effective techniques to ensure successful exam results. These skills often result in better academic grades annually. 

Furthermore, successfully completing a summer school course at English Language Homestays in the United Kingdom might be a great way to prove that a student is a capable and self-reliant individual. Interestingly, research shows that students coming from lower income families have higher chances of successfully getting admission in a highly rated university after completing an international summer school course in UK. This short-term experience that they spend abroad offers enough insight into their own lives and challenges them to dream much higher. Taking a summer course will help students access their true potential, silence their self-doubts and give them the confidence to pursue their dreams.

Besides, summer school courses provide many language development benefits. If students feel up to the challenge, they can also try out introductory courses in an entirely new language. Even if they decide not to choose a language course, most summer schools provide optional language training during their summer courses abroad. Irrespective of whether a student solely focuses on self-development, academic life or professional career, a summer school in the UK has just so much more  to offer. 

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