Summer English Courses for Juniors

Summer English Courses for Juniors

Our Summer English course for juniors aged 10 – 12 is a programme organised by the English Language Homestays during the summer vacation for young learners to learn the English language and participate in a wide range of social activities such as excursions, activities and sightseeing. The Summer English course for juniors is expected to run for a total period of 7 weeks and during this time, students are able to choose their own arrival and departure dates normally arriving on a Sunday and leaving on a Saturday. Also a vast amount of effort is channelled into analysing and organising students data in terms of arrivals, departures and also in the placing of students with their host families matching the students requirements in terms of location, allergies and dietary requirements.

So one feature of our programme is the care we take to provide for all aspects of the students needs.  We understand that for many students, this may be the first time they are away from home and we try and ensure that we provide for the demands and needs of young learners.

Young learners that enrol for the Summer English language course will be involved in learning the English language in a fun, interactive environment and this will help in:

1. Enhancing fluency in their daily interactions with peers.

2. Help in improving their chances of getting admitted to great schools.

3. Increase their writing skill making them better and proficient writers.

4. Boost their concentration skills allowing them to have better attention and more focus.

5. Improve overall brain function.

Young learners on this programme aged from 12 are exposed to the various immeasurable benefits of learning the much required techniques in a new language.

Why our Summer English Courses are different?

Our Summer English courses are different most especially for young learners because the program presents an opportunity to learn and acquire new English language skills and techniques in a relaxed, more interactive, fun atmosphere/environment.

Our Summer English courses are different because they are strategically planned to be a “bit less of school” but still within the bounds of teaching ethics with extra-curricular activities formulated and incorporated to attract young learners in order to learn while participating in other social activities.

These extra-curricular activities include; excursions, sightseeing, podcast & vlogging, tours, cinema and zoo visits. These fun filled and action packed events are strategically planned in the summer schools timetable to enable the young learners to discover and participate in exciting adventures and activities which helps them to familiarise with their new environment whilst acquiring new English language skills.

How our Summer English Courses are different?

1. Our Summer English courses differ from regular summer schools and academic sessional learning programs in the following ways:

2. Our English language courses are run by certified and fully qualified English teachers experienced in teaching English to foreign students.

3. Our programmes provide a mix of learning and fun activities and excursions.

4. Customisation of young learners needs and demands from their choice of host families, food and English language courses.

5. Additional activities throughout the summer school period that offer students and young learners the opportunity to participate in a variety of outdoor activities and periodical classes.

Our Summer English language course is an avenue for young learners aged from 10 to learn and acquire a wide range of skills in English courses and this aids them to improve their communication skills while providing the right tips and elements on how to be better English speakers and to build self-esteem/confidence through their interactions with other young learners from around the globe of equal and like mind.

Benefits of our Summer English Course for Juniors

Our Summer English course for juniors aged from 12 is focused on their self improvement, potential professional career and academic future. There is no doubt that the Junior Summer English course has a lot to offer. Enumerated below are some of the top benefits in the enrolment of juniors into the Summer English course.

1. Inspiration:

The young learners benefit from the exposure to a new environment which prompts fresh ideas and more focused thinking.

2. Intensive and interactive English learning environment:

Our Summer English course for juniors provides a focused learning environment with smaller classes and less learning hours. Due to the limited duration of students, teachers set very precise study standards.

3. Improved Grades and examination results:

The extra study hours during the summer vacation will aid in strengthening their knowledge of general English language as more innovative and different teaching methods are applied.

4. Tend to specific subject needs:

Our Summer English course provides an avenue to fully meet and satisfy English learning demands especially for students who come from non-native English speaking countries.

5. Develop language skills and increase self confidence in juniors.

Our Summer English course for juniors provides a lot of English development benefits in both general English and Queens English. This will aid in advancing the young learners verbal and written English language skills while building confidence in writing, reading and speaking English. This will go a long way in ensuring that the students after participation in the summer school will exhibit greater English language skills and prove that they are capable of silencing self-doubts, utilising their potential and gaining confidence required to pursue their ambitions even at an early age.

Please take a look our Junior English Summer School page for programmes and activities.

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