Studying Abroad: What To Expect When Traveling To South Africa

What To Expect When Traveling To South Africa

If you’re looking for a study abroad program why not try one that is offered in South Africa. This Southern African country is home to some of the best study abroad programs and is fast becoming a top contender in global education. When it comes to unique student abroad experiences this country certainly has many. Just ask any one of the international students who find it difficult to leave. So what exactly can you expect from travelling to this rainbow nation?

1. Diversity

You may meet another African National or learn to speak one of the countries 11 official languages as diversity is part of this countries DNA. That’s what makes it quite popular. It’s also a common place for an international student to choose SA as their destination of choice, due to its unique atmosphere. The different local tribes have engraved their distinctive flavour into the countries growing towns, giving this country a uniquely modern and rural mix. And the inner cities are home to several international communities and foreign nationals. Expect to find a China town or two.

2. Adventure:

From Table Mountain in Cape Town to the beautiful game reserves in other parts of the country, South Africa is a place to explore. Don’t be shy to talk to the locals, they’re some of the friendliest people you’ll meet. There’s also an array of activities for students to enjoy during their visit to the country. Try an overnight hike up the mountains, or surfing in the crystal blue waters. The country has quite a large theatre and art scene as well as perfect for those creative students. But to truly make the most of the adventure you should try befriending a local, they’ll be able to show you around and make you feel more at ease. They’ll also be able to teach you some of the local languages.

3. Quality Education

You’ll definitely be able to find a world-class high school, university, and college in this country. People from all over the world choose to study here, even from afar afield as the United States. You could choose from institutions such as UCT or Rhodes university or one of the countries world-class high schools with an interactive curriculum. It is also the most popular African Country for studying because of this.

4. Historical Landmarks

While you’re in the country you should visit one of its several national landmarks. Places like Robben island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned has become popular among tourists and students alike. When you do visit the island, about a 30-minute ferry ride from the V and A Waterfront you’ll learn about his life in the prison. You’ll also learn about some of the countries other heroes, and their struggles on the island.

5. Unique Cuisine

A truly South African experience is not quite complete without trying local cuisine. Some are for the daring, however most cuisines you may know, but have a unique twist only this country could add. Try out some Samosas or Fish and Chips, or if you’re brave enough you could try “Mopane Worms”- yes worms! Worms may not be your thing so it’s a relief that you’ll find many popular international restaurant chains here. If you’re not feeling adventurous you could simply head to a McDonalds or KFC or try Steers, a local burger place that’s very popular with students.

6. Easy Commute

Travelling on a student budget means needing to access affordable and reliable transport. So it really is a relief to travellers that transport is readily available in the country. You can simply hop on a bus, take an Uber or make use of the ever-popular minibus taxi. In most cities in the country, you’ll find that travelling is not a problem. Popular modes of transport for tourists and international visitors include the Myciti bus in Cape Town and the Gautrain in Johannesburg. Making it easier to navigate through the city centre. They’re also quite safe. Locals also make use of popular apps like Uber and Taxify to get a ride.

7. Technology

Although there is a significant part of the country that is rural, the country is slowly becoming part of a small group of African Countries considered to be developed nations. Although you may see some wild creatures the country is primarily advanced. Expect to find more free wifi hotspots than you’d find lions and more iPhones than hippos. This country is not underdeveloped. For tech students there’s quite a large crowd of app developers, in fact, the ever-popular digital currency -bitcoin- was created in the country.

Now that you know more about this beautiful country and what it has to offer why not experience it for yourself. Try one of our several exchange programs available for students. Our hosting families are also very hospitable and offer you a safe base from which to explore the country.

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