South Africa Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer in South Africa

South Africa Volunteer Opportunities

If you are thinking of volunteering and South Africa is one of your choices then consider some of the amazing packages we offer. South Africa is an extremely diverse country with highs and lows and good and bad. Did you know that it has 11 official languages so not only is English and Afrikaans widely spoken, but Xhosa and Zulu as well. It should not be a surprise for you to read that Bishop Desmond Tutu started calling this nation “the rainbow nation”.

Its been said that once you visit South Africa, you leave a bit of your heart there, or conversely, South Africa leaves a bit of itself in your heart (and soul).  The cultures and lifestyles make South Africa, and Cape Town more particularly a vibrant and heart stopping experience being made up of people from all over the Globe such as Cape Malays; Blacks; Coloured; Whites and anything in between. Combine this feeling with a chance to volunteer and help some of the more dis-advantaged citizens there and you will return home with a very satisfied feeling.

Some of our students walking on Table mountain, South Africa

Once you look behind the beauty of the country you will see heart wrenching poverty; a huge imbalance of those that have and plenty that don’t; major problems with healthcare; little Human Rights and more besides. But the one thing you will always be sure to find are smiling faces and a genuine zest for life, regardless of colour; gender or religion.

On your day off there are some amazing places to visit such as Kruger Park, the Table Mountain in Cape Town and local vineyards. Whale Watching in July at Hermanus; spot the Baboons any time at Cape Point and visit the world renown Elephant Sanctuary at Knysna.

One of our Volunteer programmes is in the Junior School at Masi.  A huge informal settlement near to Simons Town Naval base. Although there are both high School and Junior Schools there; a Library; Clinic and several Churches, the vast majority of the people who live here do so in dire circumstances.  They don’t want your pity though, but they would appreciate some help and assistance.

Come and show them how to plant and cultivate their own allotment so they can have fresh vegetables each day. Many of the poorer South African people only eat meat once a week. There is a thriving Sewing Café, where we donate an industrial sewing machine to each person attending the Course so that they can earn a wage making and selling clothes, not only for the local schools but for anyone who wants something made. That’s a great social programme and very popular with our Volunteering students as it is combined with some basic IT skills and Marketing. We need IT literate people to help and teach in the Library and the High School. So if you have specific IT knowledge or consider yourself an IT GEEK then you would be well received here.

We need volunteers at our Masi, Creches

The Junior School is always looking out for hands on assistance. One day you would be asked to teach the Football in a muddy field using two jumpers as improvised goal posts. One day we went there and ended up running an informal singing lesson.  Can you assist with the lunch times… handing out the only hot meal some of these children will receive each day.

Finally if your love is for little toddlers, then there are at least 3 Creches desperately in need of some assistance and training as the children are under stimulated; often have to play outside in the rain or hot sun without shade and sleep on the floor on changing mats after lunch. No cots provided! Maybe you can teach them some nursery rhymes or how to count in English. Anything that can help them learn before going off to their first formal school.

Finally if you love Animals then you can see what spaces there are at the Tears Animal Sanctuary for lost cats dogs and other animals, or help at Shark Warrior with the Penguins and their homes down at Boulders Beach. They often need help to keep the many tourists away from the beaches when the  animals are breeding or molting. Kelp is an important part of the beaches there and you can help maintain this as well as look out for Sharks on our Shark Watching Programme. For this programme you will be based at Fish Hoek and take the shark nets out each morning and bring them in each night. Otherwise you will be on Shark Lookout – high above the Town being an early warning signal for the people swimming below. Don’t fall asleep now, as a lot of lives depend on you. The Shark Warrior Programme also goes into local schools and teaches them about Marine conservation.

Our final place to Volunteer is in the Vineyards around Stellenbosch. Here you will either work in the fields carefully picking and selecting the grapes or be in the Production units, helping to grade and source the grapes for the wine. Other days you can be in the packing and dispatch department, ensuring the wine is sent to Suppliers and even abroad.

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Our Volunteering & Internships Opportunities in South Africa

Come to South Africa and Volunteer at one of our many ongoing projects, all based around the naval area of Simons Town.

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