Renditions of a English Homestay Manager

‘it’s my pleasure’ a saying that means another happy departure has just taken place. An added bonus that comes with my position as English homestay accommodation manager is that I get to also meet and greet some of the many European coaches that arrive. As Homestay Manager I have the best time dealing with wide eye children.

No day is ever the same and never a dull moment. On arrival you get to see which international student is the princess of the group and which one is going to be a challenge! With each English school group there’s always the young loved up couple to spot..

Sacha Stone Short stay staff for English Language Homestays
Written by :
Sacha Stone, Short Stay Manager

Teachers and staff will look at you for support and that’s exactly what they get. From the moment a shot stay group arrives until the time it departs, I will be there to help in every single way that i can to ensure they enjoy every moment of their trip. A simple question to a matter of urgency, nothing is too much time or effort.


I’ve have met some many wonderful students and staff and even got to visit some in their own home town..enjoying Czech Beer Baths and Studenska Chocolate to the delights of a Traditional Hody Festival! Boy can those Czech’s throw a party.

No other job could offer the rewarding delights of such international liaisons at a Sainsburys Supermarket Car Park! Rain or Shine, a smile as i wave another group goodbye will say it all. Never goodbye, just a wave to say until next time..I will see you again next year.

Bring on the coaches ….

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