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Are you an Italian student interested in learning English in England and coming through the POM Programme?

The POM Programme operates in four regions of Italy, namely Puglia; Campania; Calabria and the Island of Sicily and is a very favourite programme, popular with teachers; parents and students alike for its fast results and improvement in learning the English language. Some of this is funded through European Funds which are aimed at improving the economic and social problems in the areas and schools there.

The PON funding is distributed over a period of seven years. Results have been so good that the Italian Government has agreed to extend this until 2020.  So there will be plenty of time if you are currently, under age, to apply to the Italian Government and gain entrance to this English Learning programme.

What is National Operational Program?

This programme is heavily based on regional development.  The Italian Government feels that with their national operational management it can significantly improve the chances of their students with the learning of the English language.  Coming to England and taking part in structured English lessons with our native English teachers helps the Italian students to show a marked improvement in their level of English

Jackie Verrall MD of English Language Homestays
Written by :
Jackie Verrall,MD of English Language Homestays

Accessing the funds can be found out through local Government bodies or your High School.  Its highly recommended by all Italian High Schools and they often bring groups to the UK to study Intensive English under this POM Programme.    Financial restraints for families in the above four areas are high and this is why the Government are keen to assist them and offer funds for English learning.   Even though one week may seem a short period of time to improve your English, you can be sure that all of our teachers understand the PON Learning Programme and ensure that rapid progress is made during this short window in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, you don’t need to worry about finding accommodation, as we have inspected and found excellent host families who will assist you during your course as well as offering a home from home in the UK.  They will take an interest in your course and speak to you each evening during dinner.  This is a great way to improve your confidence and gain the experience to speak effortless English without realising it.

So if you are lucky enough to live in the regions of Puglia; Campania; Calabria or the island of Sicily then do find out about the PON – National Operational Programme and come to England and join us on an English in England course

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