Parent Information | Summer School

Parent Information | Summer School 2018

Dear Parents,

Firstly, a huge thank you for booking ELH Summer School and we hope that your child will enjoy their time with us.  Many students do return for a second or even third year!

We take the safety of all our students very seriously and would like to inform you of a few things we do on arrival.

First morning

The students are taken to a general meeting point by the Host Family.  They are also collected from there in the evening, again by the host family.  This is to ensure that your child knows the way to and from the house to school.  They will also show them the nearest bus stop to use.     For our part, on the first morning we do an Orientation and Safety Talk.  This safety talk ensures they remember that in England the traffic flow is the other way and to look both ways before crossing.  We insist they cross always at designated places.   We also suggest that when in a group, it would be sensible to remove their ear phones, in case they miss important instructions.

Welfare Officer

Occasionally there may be small problems for the students.  We try to deal with these as quickly as possible.  To this end we have our Welfare Officer available each morning from 08.30hrs at the daily meeting point.  They are there to ensure everyone is happy and will be available until the start of school.  If the problem can not be solved immediately, they will keep in touch during the day.  This also means that if there is any worry they can not raise with their Host family, we are there !

Free Time

There will be limited free time during their stay here.  This is normally at lunch time between 1 and 2pm when all students are allowed to visit the shops or relax before we meet them again for afternoon activities.  The same on day trips. Whilst we supervise the journey to the venue and during the excursion visit, we also allow them some limited free time to relax or explore locally.  We always meet them again at a designated time and ensure they are able to keep in touch.


All students will be given a wrist band which we insist they wear.  This band has our Emergency number on so that if they get lost or in trouble, some passer-by can contact us.    We also have a manned 24 hour Emergency mobile.  They (and you) will be told this number here: 00447930805196 you wish to note it.  Additionally, Students will have access to our WhatsApp phone, which tells them about the updated times of excursions; changes to excursions and reminds them of things we are doing.  It’s a good way for them to keep in touch.

Disco Nights

Students are escorted home on the Bus with normally 2 or 3 Leaders.  We ask Host Families to meet them at a central point near the return bus stop.  We never allow any student to walk home alone after the Disco.


The final curfew is 2200hrs – without exception.  This is for the safety of the student as well as the convenience of host families who may have to get up early to work the next day.

Drink; Drugs; Smoking

We have a Zero tolerance on all of these. Any Students found to be abusing this policy will be spoken to and if necessary required to stay home after dinner.  We ask for your support on this.   If anyone is found with banned substances on them they will be expatriated immediately without any refund of programme fees.

English Language Homestays

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With English language centres and friendly host families and tutors across the UK and South Africa, we can offer every student, on a short or long stay, an exciting, fun and enlightening experience

Jackie Verrall, Managing Director

And finally,

We ask that you confirm that you are happy for us to forward your child’s application form to any prospective host family with regards to their placement.  Following the introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) we are required to seek your consent for us to send on these details.  Additionally, we do take photographs of students in Summer School for marketing and placement on our website.  Should you not wish your child to be included in this please let us know.

Can you please write to confirm your acceptance of these conditions? 


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