Our Multi-National Summer School Activities

Summer School Activities

Every year English Language Homestays host a summer school for students of all nationalities who want to learn English while experiencing British culture. These programmes have become really popular over the years and many students often return year after year to repeat the experience as many times as they can. We believe this is because the programme offers a great learning opportunity – a way to travel abroad, learn a new language and meet and socialise with other youngsters of different nationalities and cultures. And they’re perfect for those who’d like to explore Britain and British culture before possibly moving to a British boarding school or university. Some students may be considering making Britain their academic home when they attend university as Britain has many prestigious universities – like Oxford University for example.

Our summer school is certainly brimming with opportunities regardless of your motives for attending.

This year we’ve developed an exciting 7 week programme for students to participate in. We’ve combined the most popular excursions from previous years and added some new (soon-to-be) favourites that will certainly interest the young minds attending our programme. But our formula remains the same – excite and entertain in a learning environment like no other.

If you want to be a part of this years group you’ll definitely be interested to find out what we’ve scheduled for the summer of 2019 and what you can expect.

Summer School Programme Schedule

Arrival and Meeting Your Host Family:

New students normally arrive over the weekend and arrangements are made for them to be taken to their host families. Some students make their own way there but collection from local airports (Gatwick is nearest) is available at a small extra cost. Over the weekend students will have an opportunity to get to know their host family (who’ll they’ll be staying with for the rest of their trip). This is the perfect time for students to introduce themselves and learn about the people they’re staying with. Every Sunday throughout the programme is host family day (for new students and existing students). So throughout the weeks students can learn more about their host families and the British way of life.

Multinational integration:

Students are placed with other students from a different country and different mother tongue so the emphasis is on speaking English all day every day. This encourages their language development and builds on the teaching given during the English lessons.

English Lessons:

Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings students will be given 4 hours of English lessons. This is the perfect opportunity for students to learn the correct grammar, pronunciation and become confident speakers of the language. These classes are meant to be memorable, so we’ve developed each lesson around helping the students find practical ways to use English everyday.

Shopping Summer School Activities

Quizzes, Shopping and Afternoon Activities

In the afternoons on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, students will participate in the fun activities we’ve got planned. These activities include  bowling, volleyball, drama, talent shows, shopping and visits to the fun fair in the afternoons. We also have some sporting activities at nearby venues  where students can remain active and participate in various sports and activities like yoga, dance and every Thursday night we always have our very popular disco nights.

We’ll have several fun quizzes throughout your stay but the most noteworthy is our newbie quiz of Brighton where we’ll test all new students knowledge of the town. It’s orientation at it’s best and all the fun and games and only adds to the learning experience.

Students are encouraged to be participative and involved in all the activities the group undertakes as this will only add to their experience of our summer course.

List Of Full Day Excursions

On Wednesdays and Saturdays students go on our full day excursions to various towns throughout England where we’ll visit the main tourist attractions and places of historic interest.

London Summer School Day Out


Every Wednesday students can expect a full day trip to London and will experience one of the many attractions on offer such as:

London Zoo and Zoorassic Park: This activity provides an opportunity to visit London zoo and see some of the worlds most fascinating wildlife. This includes Gorillas, Kangaroo, exotic birds, Lemur’s, Monkeys, Reptiles, Tigers and even farmyard animals. What students can also look forward to the Zoorassic park experience where they’ll be transported to a time when dinosaurs roamed giving students the chance to freely interact with these life-size robotic animals from the T-Rex to the pterodactyl.

Greenwich and The Shakespeare Globe: On one of our excursions to London students can also expect to visit Greenwich and the Shakespeare Globe. To get to Greenwich, students will take a cruise on the river Thames and a sightseeing walk through the town ending off the day with some browsing (and perhaps some buying) at Greenwich market.

The excursions to the Shakespeare Globe are just as intriguing and exciting as our other London excursions and offer students a wide range of activities like attending a drama workshop at this esteemed theatre which is an integral part of the days activities.

Portsmouth Day Out - summer School acitvities


Portsmouth is a major city on England’s south coast and is an exciting place for students to learn about the history of this iconic town. On our Portsmouth excursion students will visit the Emirates Spinnaker Tower. This is a 170 metre viewing tower where the students will be able to view the boats, the town and take in Portsmouth from extraordinary heights.

Next on the agenda is Portsmouth historic Dockyard – a place of maritime significance, but now an excellent venue to participate in a huge range of activities like the climbing wall and boarding the world’s only surviving “lucky ship” from World War II or 45 minute harbour tour.

Finally, during our excursion we’ll visit Gunwharf Quays – a shopping destination with some of the world’s most premium brands available at discounted prices. It’s an excellent way to wind the day down at Portsmouth.


This seaside town in East Sussex is a lovely place to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon. You can explore the caves above the town in Smugglers adventure. This is the perfect opportunity for students to learn about this town’s past and what it was like for smugglers and pirates in the years when they would navigate through Hastings. Students will also visit Hastings castle – a place of great historic significance and nestled on top of the hill. This castle has withstood battles from several wars and environmental erosion, but is still a lovely place to visit.

The Old Town in Hastings takes learners back in time as they navigate this tiny town beneath the castle. Most of the buildings here were built in the  1800’s and you’ll find that the old town offers an unparalleled look into England’s recent history.

After wandering through and sightseeing Hastings Old Town we’ll end the day at the beach. Here there’ll be another round of fascinating social activities for students to participate in.

Hampton Court and Hampton Maze

Located in East Molesey, Surrey the Hampton Court Palace and Hampton court maze form a part of British culture and students will get to experience this first hand. We’ll visit this village on one of our Saturday excursions. Here students will get to view the Hampton Court Palace – from the artwork to the history and exploring the grounds.

After students have learnt about the history of Henry VIII they’ll visit and explore one of the world’s most famous mazes – The Hampton Palace Maze. This maze is one of the few surviving hedge mazes in England and was first built in the 1700’s after being commissioned by Henry III and was designed by George London and Henry Wise.



Steeped in history this town in West Sussex is the perfect opportunity for our multinational students to learn about British history and experience the history first hand. The good thing about this excursion is that students will get to visit the Arundel Castle and Gardens during Jousting and Medieval tournaments giving them some exposure to what England was like in Medieval times.

Swanbourne Lake-Summer School ActivitiesAfter this Students will make their way to Swanbourne Lake for some boat rowing fun. They’ll experience the lush gardens from the waters edge as they row with their fellow students in small groups.

As you can see there’s more than enough reason to join us this year as we’ve got loads of fascinating activities planned for our learners. They’ll be able to learn English from the very best tutors in an interactive setting. As well as enjoy British landmarks and explore towns, villages and seaside escapes while they’re visiting. Students aged 12 to 17 are invited to find out what makes our English language homestays and especially our Summer programmes and summer schools as popular as they are.

Our host families are welcoming, friendly and able to make students feel welcome. Our coordinators always check in with learners to see how they’re handling their new environment and our tutors will help learners (even beginners) speak English with confidence.

This is a programme like no other. It’s no wonder it’s been running for more than 25 years. This year we invite new (and old students) to join us and see first-hand how our extraordinary English language Summer school is.

We look forward to seeing you later this year.


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