Myths about Learning English

Overtime people have created reasons and stories around English Language and why it is extremely difficult or simply not able to be learnt by many. This post is aimed at mentioning some of these misunderstandings, the ‘myths about Learning English’ and why these must be dismissed.

Not good enough to learn English

It is negative thinking that anyone is not good enough to learn the English Language. You must believe and understand that a mind is a powerful tool and it can be used to achieve anything you allow it to. The key is to have the interest to learn and it will react accordingly; be positive and determined to learn. The English Language was not made for just specific people, anyone that wants to learn has that option to do so. Don’t be daunted that you may not be able to learn.  

All learn English the same way

Individually we react to, learn and understand things differently, as a result of this life becomes more interesting as we all contribute in our unique ways. In a similar way, this is also applied to learning the English Language. An educational environment does not present itself the same way for each person and it certainly doesn’t cause everyone to be successful. Social class, background, personality, educators, the right programmes, a determination and drive to learn, immersive environments and many other things can and will affect how students can and will learn English. It is going to be determined by tutors and their assessment of individuals needs to determine what may work best in respective situations. You must also try to help yourself in identifying what methods and factors work for your learning.

Learning English may not be worth it when translation technology is available

A very bad myth about learning English surrounds depending on translation technologies to replace the actual experience of Learning the language. These software and technology options cannot replace the in valuables that comes along with the process. Specifically, having that exposure gives the advantage of understanding a culture and its peculiarities. Being able to better grasp emotions and how and why things are communicated in the language is only ascertained through avid learning and practice, not through translators.

Enough time isn’t available to learn

A general rule of thumb says the right scheduling and guidance will aid in setting aside the best period of time to apply to learning English. As a result, many programmes are available to get students at a level English competent and not having to dedicate time indefinitely; English homestays are a perfect example of these instances. 

A particular accent must be added when speaking English

The English Language remains the same wherever one goes, once a grasp of pronunciation is had an accent doesn’t prevent communicating in English. Accents are synonymous with cultures and they do add to the uniqueness of a people. However, keep in mind that accents are not languages, so you will still be understood regardless of your native sound.

Learning English is very unentertaining

This is a very unfortunate myth of learning English. This has possibly been expressed because of bad experiences of others; it could have been due to unsuccessful tutors or training methods. On the other hand, English can be an exciting and fulfilling adventure. Homestays approach to grasping the language provides the best possible ways to learn through interaction and immersion with the language and the culture of a people. An adventure is created out of the process.

Will never master the English Language

Never compare yourself to others with regards to how you learn. This myth that some persons will never learn English will only become a hindrance to your success; learn your own process and patterns and apply it to learning English. Try as many things as possible and seek help when things may seem more difficult to understand. Always give yourself the best opportunity to start the learning process and make it a habit to practice in order to master the language.

Some general tips

To avoid these myths about learning English students must try to maintain a positive attitude at all times. Give yourself all the opportunities to succeed; spend the time to identify what works for your individual needs and if it’s difficult to do on your own seek the best advice possible. There will be bad and good times in the process but for those bad times, persistence and proper planning will see you through. Don’t feel embarrassed or disappointed if you don’t say the right things or make an incorrect pronunciation, these are expected and will only make for improvement. 

Make sure to avoid these myths about learning English; create the best environment for your learning, keep practising, immerse yourself where possible, include others in your training and enjoy the journey of embracing the language! 

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