Magical Cornwall

Whenever I hear that poem, which admittedly isn’t very much now, I always think of magical Cornwall. The poem always stirs thoughts of sailors and shipwrecks and events not quite explained.

Cornwall has a history of shipwrecks because of the coastline which although very beautiful, is also very dangerous. Quite often the lifeboats have been called out to try to rescue boats caught on the rocks…but more than that, Cornwall is quite simply one of the most magical places on earth. After all, didn’t King Arthur and Merlin originate from here…..

These two fantastic events are always a highlight of our festive calendar. Our students performed brilliantly and we hope the audiences enjoyed the recitals, as well as our festive efforts!

Ms.Aleks P, Activity Leader

About the location!

Firstly, spring arrives early in Cornwall and although it can rain like a Monsoon, it wont be for long. Its wild. Its windy. Its beautiful. Many well known and aspiring authors have given up their hectic City lives and moved here. They feel inspiration from the area. None more so that Derek Tangye , who moved here with his wife and started up a Daffodil Farm and then continued his writing about their animals and life in darkest Cornwall . Read more about his life and books here, all great illustrations of life in Cornwall.

So for people who want to experience the magic of these lives, then book one of our Homestay Tutors. All of our Tutors really do get what Cornwall is about. They will find your interests. If you love Poldark, they will take you to experience the Moors and the wild seas. If you love the humour of Doc Martin then they will drive you to have fish and chips overlooking the Harbour which is heavily featured in the TV series.

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