Living with a Homestay Accommodation

What can you expect when you are living with a Homestay!!  Marble floors, maid service and all-inclusive meals…Well almost.  You will certainly see a marble rolling across the floor as a cheeky toddler tries to get you to come on board and play until way after their bedtime and possibly yours.  A home from home experience is what we like to call it, living with a family and feeling so relaxed and happy that it just feels like home and you may never want to leave.  All of our families are very friendly and provide comfortable rooms within a modern home.  Whilst your meals are included they will certainly not be steak and chips every night.  Home cooked English meals are all about tradition, Toad in the Hole, Shepherd’s Pie, Bangers and Mash to name a few, I suggest you google these meals to work out what they actually are.  A lot of students are actually surprised that the English eat a lot of different cultured food like Pizza, Bolognaise, Indian, Chinese, your taste buds will be having a rave.

Hopefully your English Language Levels will be really good, making it easier for you to say “I don’t like Marmite” love it or hate it, you have to try it.

By the way, Wifi is on tap and we are not still in the dark have been warned, Skype will allow your parents to see that your bedroom is still a mess at home as well as away.

Normal families

Sacha Stone Short stay staff for English Language Homestays
Written by :
Sacha Stone, Short Stay Manager

One thing I must say is that if you have a fear of pets then you are coming to the right Country, the English people love their pets and yes they do live inside the house.  Cats that purr 24hrs and dogs waiting for your leftovers, you might not like English Sausages but they sure do.  Whilst most families do have pets you can relax as they are rarely allowed to share your room.  On arrival night my dogs all of a sudden become the greatest sniffer dogs known to man as they check out the suitcases full of culinary delights.  Yes, you will make friends with a furry friend of some description.  Leave your fears behind on the doorstep.

When i came to England for the first time in homestay i went to Sacha’s home and me and my friend Lara really enjoyed, we had lots of fun.

Sacha is really sweet and if you have a problem you can tell her ,she is really available, she is like a friend. her family in general is really funny,they make you laugh everytime. in a few word it was the best family ever that i stayed in (includes the staying in Sacha’s brother house)



Chiara Corso in her homestay accommodation

Travelling to school from your family home is an easy task for most, local buses are close by and ready to confuse you with the various colours and numbers, slightly different numbers going very different ways!!.  If you are a short stay then you get escorted to and from your meeting point daily with either a fancy car or a really small smart car, right up to a Van or a mini camper van!!  Don’t forget which side you are getting in though as many of my students take a while to realise why I am standing outside their window laughing at them whilst they tried to understand why the steering wheel is on the wrong side.

Fun, fun, fun, that’s what it all about but don’t just take that from me, here are a few reviews from real students (not computer generated ones) that have actually braved staying at my house and lived to tell the tale. Enjoy, i will see you soon.  Board that plane, Ferry or Coach, we don’t care how you get here, just get here if you can..Memories that will last a lifetime, where will you create yours??

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We also offer Homestay English UK courses, that can Fast Track your English learning.

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