Learning English with activities is the best way to improve your language while staying abroad

There are many ways to learn English, some of which are very formal, others are more fun. Scientists prove that human brain can be mostly productive around 10:00 am, hence most of your school tests and exams are run around that time. While it is important to learn English inside of a classroom, where you can make your notes and develop your writing and reading skills, it also is essential to be surrounded by native English speakers while having fun. I think Learning English with activities is the best way to do a Fast track English course.

Here at English Language Homestays, our main goal is to combine those two techniques of teaching so you can improve level of your English in the most effective ways. Placing students into multinational groups, where everyone’s aim remains the same, we achieve a high increase of language skills including speaking and listening, and correct accentuating of words. Variety of fun activities combined with the language programme let students for a constant communication in English with activity leaders, tour guides, bus drivers on their way to attractions. So in order to be part of an activity student must listen carefully to the instructions, rules of play or information give so they know everything they need and can enjoy it in full.

I also love Brighton and Hove for the wonderful festive feeling. Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, Easter, New Year and many more holidays which not only will give you another week off studying (!) but also make sure you enjoy it in full. Creative decorations and colourful events will keep you occupied and impressed by the innovative ideas and funky costumes. Brighton definitely the best seaside town for an English Homestay.

As a student, you do three things only: sleep, study and have fun – not necessarily in this order…  Let’s focus on the fun part for now. We could divide it into two sections: day and night time. Daytime attractions here in Brighton are constantly changing- the ice rink to the Ladyboys cabaret shows, but some of course stay the same like the Brighton Pier (thank God!). The pier is my favourite part of the city (and the Royal Pavilion for its architecture). With plenty of funfair rides, a few food and drink spots, henna tattoo, handmade jewellery store and of course the casino for both children and adults – Brighton Pier makes the perfect place for a day out with friends or family.

Aleks Ptasinska Staff for English Language Homestays
Written by :
Aleks Ptasinska, Summer School Co-Ordinator

Our school of course makes sure that the staff is using adequate language level so children can understand everything we say, and if they don’t they ask so leaders can rephrase until it’s clear for them to understand. It is in our best intention to make sure that our students have the best possible experience of every excursion and activity we visit. Some require them to concentrate more on listening such as Shakespeare Theatre Globe drama workshops, Thames guided City Cruise or the dance lessons. Other activities such as Panic Room, or sports activities like golf, buildering, volleyball or football require students to communicate between themselves so they can reach the common goal. For Treasure Hunting and other quizzes it is essential to be able to read and understand the information provided in order to complete them and win prizes!

Another fun way of maintaining the language skills is communicating with the leaders and other students through the WhatsApp group chat (whenever face to face is not possible), where students can share their selfies and experiences, as well as receive all the important information such as ‘Don’t forget to bring’ , weather conditions or any sudden changes that could apply during their stay.

Learn English at its best – improve your English skills and enjoy the summer at the same time!

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