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How it all began

Once upon a time, when all of my children were young I sat with my friend and we thought about starting some fun summer camp for her French students who wanted to learn English.  And that was how English Language Homestays was born.

That first summer we welcomed 11 French children who came to us for 2 weeks in July.  The following year we had 20 and so it grew. It was a very exciting time for us in the 1990’s and as the years melted away our French children numbers grew.   Being located on the south coast in a wonderfully safe suburb but close to all that Brighton has to offer, our destination became popular.

One year a German school approached us and we then had German and French students.  From that year onwards, we decided to market a true International Summer School in Brighton and English Language Homestays was formally born.  The year was 2001. We have never looked back. Now that we have been trading for over twenty years and ELH is still a family run business, ensuring that each and every student is welcomed and safe with our regularly inspected host families. We like to think that each student has been hosted in a family where we would be happy to place our own children.  it’s our bench mark for safety and success. So even though we have expanded across the Brighton area and down to Cape Town, we still feel we are very much a family run and operated business. We care about your students, as if they were our own!

Why should you choose an English Language School in Brighton

Brighton Language Schools are very popular for lots of reasons.  Let me list a few that readily come to mind;

1.  Brighton is a fun, vibrant City right on the south coast, so the weather is divine

2.  Quick to get to London by train.  Just over 1 hour

3.  Its got a reputation for being fun; exciting and diverse.  What a way to learn English

4.  International students from right across the world come here to study.  So it’s always bursting with students wanting to learn; experience and just find out about England.

5.  Brighton has many interesting places to see and visit such as The Lanes; Brighton Royal Pavilion; Brighton Pier to name a few

You can expect to find every Course in Brighton Language Schools from Common Entrance Exams to Celta Exams to First Certificate to Business English.  Most Language Schools will offer a vast choice of English Programmes so you will certainly need to choose carefully. Although if you finish one course then why not stay on and attend a second one.  Many students do. Brighton is also one of the most easily accessible places to visit. If you are staying along the coast or even in London there are buses and trains to take you into Brighton City Centre in no time.  All of our host families are located within 30 minutes of the Centre of Brighton. You will only ever be a few minutes walk from the train station or the Beach.

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Courses that We offer at our Brighton Language School

We offer a wide range of courses for all ages.  Here are a few of them

International English Summer School

This is a great success with our students because we welcome people from right across the Globe.  Students from China will share a host family with students from France. A great inter cultural mix.  Our Summer School runs from mid June to mid August and you can come from 1 week to 4 weeks. Each year we work on a special interest and this year it will be Shakespeare.  But we make it fun! You will attend the Globe Theatre and participate in a Workshop; write your own interpretation of one of his plays and learn more about English than you thought possible in a fun way.  Each afternoon you will be invited to attend our many activities and once a week we take you to the International Student Disco. An evening NOT to miss!   You will be staying with great host families, close to the school.  No surprise that our Summer School is already heavily booked by the time we reach February of each year.

English Football Academy

With qualified coaches and 16 hours of English lessons a week, you will be hard pushed to find a better course.  Finish this off with 2 full day excursions to football activities such as Chelsea or Arsenals Football ground and you know this is anything but an “ own goal!”   We pride ourselves on offering English Lessons for 16 hours each week in our International School and then in the afternoon you travel to the Training Ground. forty Five minutes of tactical theory and then onto the pitch for training and games.   this is a very popular course for our young Learners running throughout the month of July each year.

Homestay Tuition

If you want accelerated learning of the English language then your first choice should be Homestay Tuition.  Our courses are all bespoke and you can have from 10 to 25 hours of formal English lessons a week. These courses are completely tailored about your english requirements and can be from 1 week to 4 weeks.  It’s a great way to improve your english and see the countryside. You will be living 24/7 with your host teacher so this means that after lessons are over for the day, you will continue to speak english by being in the same house as your teacher and also having your meals with them.  This is a true Immersion Programme and we love it as much as the students do for fast results.

High School Programme

This is very popular with students from fourteen to seventeen years of age and we offer this as one academic year in a UK or South African High School.  Otherwise, if your own school permits, we offer shorter courses from April through to the end of June. these courses can be one school term or six weeks only.  It’s your choice. The High School Programme is very popular and all students will be teamed up with a Buddy to help you through your first week or so. Add to that the thrill of staying with a host family and finding out more about British culture and you can see why this is one of our more popular programmes.  If you really want to walk on the wild side then consider Cape Town for our High School Programmes. Amazing schools. great Locations.

English in Small Groups

We love this programme.  Offered in all of the school holidays from 1 week to 3 weeks, this is a great course if you are preparing for an English Exam.  These Courses are offered either a mono national or mixed nationality courses and are about serious learning and achieving results.  Most of these English in Small Groups Courses will be preparing you for Exams such as First Certificate (FCE) or Common Entrance. these are also suitable if you are going to study in England and attend some of our numerous University or College Courses.  These are real Exam Prep courses and you will attend this course with other like minded students. Its a case of Study and Learn but you will succeed!

Jackie Verrall MD of English Language Homestays
Written by :
Jackie Verrall,MD of English Language Homestays

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