Junior English Summer School

Junior English Summer School in England

English for young learners

English Language Homestays provides summer English courses for Juniors aged 10-12. Our programme combines high quality English lessons with a full and interactive programme of varied activities and excursions.

What Junior English Summer School students can expect in 2020

  • 16 hours of English lessons per week
  • The opportunity to make friends from other countries
  • Buddy Process – with students of a similar age, so they don’t feel isolated or lonely…
  • Accommodation with families as near to the school as possible, with families that suit young learners needs.
  • Full adult supervision throughout the entire stay.
  • Fun afternoon activities including: Laser Zone, Music creating/ song writing, Costume making followed by Fashion Show, creating interview videos, Trampoline Park, BBQ on the beach with games and music and more…
  • Full day excursions include: London Eye + 4D Experience, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, Piccadilly Square, Wet & Wild Funfair, London Tower Bridge Experience, Hastings Smugglers Adventure and Castle…
  • Social events such as BBQ or a meal out
  • Competitions and quizzes such as: Get-to-know your town (Photo quizzes), Five Star Student (for the best behaviour), Best selfie of the week…
Based in Shoreham-by-Sea a residential area of Brighton, our Junior programme provides full board family homestay accommodation with our kind and caring DBS checked Host Families. Students are normally placed with students of similar age and subject to numbers, of a different nationality to encourage speaking English.

Our Activity Leader will accompany the group to and from school every day as well as during the activities so they never travel alone. Our fun based activities are linked to their English lessons and are applicable to their age based on both formal and fun lessons tailored to their ability. Bus passes are provided for each student every week so that they can travel between the school and the activities they attend.

What you need to know

Our Junior summer school is based in Shoreham-by-sea, near Brighton.

  • Junior programme provides full board family homestay accommodation
  • Activity Leader will accompany the group to and from school every day
  • Lessons targeted to your ability
  • Bus passes are provided for each student every week
  • Age appropriate activities are linked to their English lessons 
  • Activity leaders accompany students on all excursions and activities.

All Inclusive Course Fees

  • £530 for 1 week
  • £980 for 2 weeks
  • £1430 for 3 weeks

All Inclusive of full board family homestay accommodation, Excursions, Afternoon Activities, Bus Passes and English Lessons

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Fun and Informative Lessons

If you have young Learners who wish to improve their English as well as take part in an English Summer Course, designed especially for their age range then consider our English Summer School. These summer English courses and programmes are aimed especially at young learners from 10 to 12 years old with an elementary English level.

You can be sure that each of our junior summer camp programmes has been specially catered for in terms of age and interests, which is why we are rightly proud of our Learning through fun programmes which enables them to speak more fluently and build their confidence through carefully constructed “ play” sessions

So before you book anywhere else, be sure you consider our English for young learners 2020 Programme.

If you are a student aged 13- 17, please take a look at our senior summer school course page.

Frequently Asked Questions

All students stay in Host Family accommodation with our DBS checked families, with whom we have a strong and friendly relationship built on years of experience and cooperation. Each family is regularly inspected by ELH staff, making sure their homes are always up to young learner’s standards. We always try to place students as near to the school as possible, but if they are placed further away – there will be an adult leader accompanying them to/from school.

Student safety and welfare is always our first priority and we check the welfare of all our students each morning and any problems, sickness / lost property and general wellbeing are dealt with as quickly as possible by our onsite welfare officer. The emergency contact number is available for students to call 24 hours a day in case of any problems that could occur during their stay. The number can be found on the ELH wristbands that we provide for all our students on their first day at our school. We always advise them to wear the bands during the entire stay (from arrival until departure day).

We offer a good variation of afternoon activities together with one evening event per week either at the Brighton Pier funfair or an evening meal. Please note that on all excursions and activities, students are always accompanied by adult leaders as well as during the journey to/from school.

Day trips take place every Wednesday and Saturday (Sundays are intended to be spent with their Host Families – this can sometimes include family outings).

Excursions on this programme include visits to famous and iconic places such as: London Eye, Tower Bridge, 1066 Castle, Smugglers Adventure, Wet & Wild funfair and also sightseeing walks with visits to Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Square, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Natural History Museum and a City cruise on the river Thames.

Students will travel to School either by foot or via the local bus service. All students will be given a bus pass each week and will be given instructions of the nearest bus stops during their stay. Junior students will always be supervised by an adult during their stay.

Please take a look at our general information for parents of students who are participating in our summer school.

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Emily Partner
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