Join An English Football Academy This Summer

Football academy near me -Join An English Football Academy This Summer

The summer season is a great time to have fun, meet new people and experience new things. Many students use this opportunity to fine tune their hobbies and pursue what they’re passionate about. That’s why attending football academies have become so popular over the school summer break amongst sports fanatics. You’re able to learn more about the game and improve your skills in an upbeat environment while befriending like minded youngsters.

And where better to master the game than England? After all we are the inventors of the sport!

So, why should you participate in a football academy this year?

If you love the game there’s no better time to improve your skills on the field than over the summer. But what’s great about joining our football academy is that you don’t have to spend every waking minute improving your skills as you’re able to spend just as much time on other summer activities.

Football academy near me -Join An English Football Academy This Summer

Why Join An English Football Academy?

There are several reasons you should consider joining our academy this year, but we’ve listed three of our main attractions.

1. Get Training From The Football Association

Over the course of your stay you’ll get training from fully qualified English FA coaches; coaches who’ve helped other talented young players make their way into the game. During your stay you’ll get to play in youth teams and learn from English football pros. As young players the best time to get a start on a promising career is to nurture it, and ensure you’re learning from the very best. Not only will you learn from the best but every week you’ll have 14 hours to absorb what they teach you.

2. Improve Your Language Skills

But your stay won’t only be about football. Our academy is well-rounded, so you’ll also participate in English lessons throughout the week. Since England is the home of football – with our own premier league, hosting the likes of Manchester City, Arsenal and our very own team, Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. Knowing the language is indispensable if you plan on going pro.

While you’re here you’ll learn to improve your grammar, vocabulary and conversational English as you will be learning along with your peers, participating in a more interactive learning programme.

3. Participate In Fun Activities

Of course summer is still for fun. So, we’ve organised many activities in your timetable for good measure. You’ll get full day trips to London, visit English landmarks, visit interactive destinations and spend time in some of Britain’s top tourist destinations. There’s really nothing like it. Head over to our blog post that lists all the exciting things you’ll get to do while you’re with us.

Who Should Join An English Football Academy?

Well if you’re in the least bit interested in football, this academy is for you. It would help though if you’ve played the game before for example at school, where you’re able to learn the basics of the game. But you should definitely join us this year, if:

1. You’re Keen On Making A Career Out Of It

At this young age, you have the option to pursue your dreams if you’d like to go pro one day. As every football fan knows, professionally the game begins from as young as 13 in some cases. If you’re thinking of going pro you need to start improving and perfecting your skills as soon as possible. There’s really no better place to do this than an English football academy.

2. You Love The Sport And Mingling With Peers

If you’re interested in creating a network of other motivated young sportsmen and sportswomen like yourself, a football academy is definitely the place for you.

You’ll get to meet other talented players and learn from them, plus you’re exposed to football on an international stage.

3. You’re Interested In Learning Beyond Your Borders

Most semi professional and professional players only spent time away from their country to play football when they made it as a football player. That places some of them at a disadvantage. Since they’re very familiar with their own tactics and playing style but not familiar with that of others. Getting to play in England you’ll finally have an opportunity to see other young players in action.

Now that you know who should come and why you should come, why not make plans to join us this year? You won’t regret deciding to seize this opportunity. Who knows? You may be the next Marcus Rashford or Paul Pogba.

Football Academy English Summer school- English for young learners

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