Japanese Exchange Programme in the UK

Japanese Exchange Programme in the UK



Or, as the Europeans would know how to say….Kon’nichiwa

We were very excited a few months back to receive an email telling us we would be welcoming Japanese Exchange Students in our town of Brighton.  These students are coming on our Japanese Exchange programme for 2 weeks during the Autumn.

They asked to be a “closed” or mono national teaching group and we were very happy to provide this as their English lesson requirements were quite specific and, as it happens, they were from an All Girls Japanese High School.

Having Japanese students in our school in Brighton was something of a novelty and we had many host families ask us to host them.  It is well known than Japanese students are quiet; respectful and studious and never any problems with their behaviour or discipline so you can understand why all  the host families wanted to host them

Our Japanese Exchange Programme is quite specific.  We teach them for 3 hours in the morning.  These lessons are dealing with the difficulties that many Asian speakers have with our pronunciation.   Two afternoons a week we deal with Business English and English in the Work Place which helps them communicate efficiently with people in English.   Even though these students are as young as 14 and 15 years, they still want to know how to speak English fluently.

As this is a Japanese Exchange Programme, we always arrange a visit to a Local High School so they can mix with English children on this Exchange Programme.  Sometimes the local school arranges a High School Exchange with the Japanese High School which is visiting so they can find out more about their new Japanese friends.

Two days a week as take them on cultural visits to London.  They like to visit the Houses of Parliament as they feel this is a very good test for their English.  Afterwards, we treat them to traditional Fish and Chips on the bank of the River Thames in a very English Fish and Chip Restaurant.

Jackie Verrall MD of English Language Homestays
Written by :
Jackie Verrall,MD of English Language Homestays

Japanese Exchange students who come to the UK always say that the British are very friendly and talk to them.  I think that English people are naturally friendly but also curious about other nationalities and this is why if you are a Japanese Exchange student coming to England you will, not only find out how to improve your English but how to find out more about the British way of life.

So if you are a Japanese student wishing to come on an Exchange Programme in the UK then do contact us for further information, If you are young Japanese student like to be part of our summer school programmes, please take a look.

If you like a fully customised Homestay English course in the UK, please contact us today!

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