It was spooky in the classroom today – albeit a bit early!

It was spooky in the classroom today, the students had a bit of a history lesson on the origins of Halloween and the traditions surrounding this festival. Not many people know that it originated as Celtic festival of Samhain, the day that marked the end of summer and the beginning of winter a time also associated with human death. It was believed that on the 31st of October the ghosts of the dead returned to the earth.

If the person was clever enough to bite the apple while it was dangling from a string or floating on the water they would be the next person to marry.

Girls then placed the apple that they had managed to bite under their pillow and when they slept they would dream of their future husband …

So next time you are bobbing for an apple have a little think about the origins of apple bobbing and meanwhile here are some of our young  Czech students having a bobbing time in class …

Lyndsy Staff for English Language Homestays
Written by :
Lindsay Midali, Homestay Manager

After the Roman invasion of Britain many new traditions and celebrations took place and they merged their celebrations with those in existence. The Romans also bought many new things to Britain one of which was apple trees. These represented their goddess Pomona the goddess of fruit trees. Part of their annual celebration involved young unmarried people trying to take a bite of an apple that was either floating in a bowl or suspended by a string.

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