Immersion English Homestay around the UK

Immersion English Homestay around the UK

There is no faster or more enjoyable way for learning English than actually living with an English family.  English Language Homestays will match you up with a very suitable family where you will be made to feel like one of the family straight away.  From the minute you arrive on the doorstep you will fit right in.  Whether you are looking to improve your English or simply have a great time, an immersion stay is a great choice. Our Homestay English courses are sure to make a impression on you.

Prior to your arrival you will be able to make contact with your chosen family so you can discuss your likes and dislikes in order for a mouth watering meal plan to be made.  It will also give your family a chance to find out more about you in regards to hobbies and activities, this is very useful when it comes to booking the right excursions.  Going to a local zoo will not be an exciting venture if you have no interest in animals at all and we really want this to be an unforgettable life experience for you.

As an immersion family myself I can give you some examples of a few Historical Attractions that I have taken my students to over the years in their Language homestay:

Hever Castle

Be inspired to come and visit this thirteenth century romantic castle – once the childhood home of Anne Boleyn. Set in magnificent gardens from the majestic formal Italian Garden and topiary, to the informal meanderings of the lakeside and Sunday Walk. The Water Maze on Sixteen Acre Island and the Yew Maze challenges both adults and children alike!  The warm and welcoming atmosphere of Hever Castle and Gardens will give you a day to remember.

My students loved the relaxing atmosphere here.  We fed the ducks whilst sipping on English tea and Sandwiches and even got time for a spot of Archery! Scarily, some were unexpectedly good at this!

Royal Pavilion in Brighton

The Royal Pavilion is an exotic palace in the centre of Brighton with a colourful history. Built as a seaside pleasure palace for King George IV, this historic house mixes Regency grandeur with the visual style of India and China.

This place really makes you realise just what money can buy you, glitz, glamour and lot’s of attraction from the ladies!!  I usually finish off here with a Cream Tea in the Tea Rooms that look over the stunning gardens.

As an immersion student you can expect 2 full day excursions and 2 half day excursions.  The other days you will be totally involved in what your host family will be doing, this can be helping with the food shopping, walking the family dog on the South Downs or enjoying a family BBQ. England is not best known for brilliant sunshine and so when we do get any, we really make the most of it.. Enjoy it whilst it lasts.

Whilst I am not teaching English or offering any English courses, your language skills will improve dramatically as you will be using it every day.  I have  shops within walking distance from my house and so you can practise your skills by getting involved in conversation with  the local shop staff.  Everyone is very friendly here and  you can expect to make some new friends on your trip, however short lived it may be.

All of our Homestay Accommodation offers nice comfortable rooms with the all important necessities, which is WIFI of course.  Family pets come as standard, unless you have an allergy to them of course.  Please make sure you provide all of the vital information on your application form as Scooby the dog might not understand your fear of him and want to follow you everywhere. Scooby snacks can be found in any bag from any Country..

If  hyperactive gremlins aren’t your thing, sorry I mean toddlers, please state that you would prefer a companion of a similar age only.  Not everybody has younger siblings and understands the modern day tantrum or the joys of throwing Spaghetti hoops around the dinner table.

We really would like you to go home missing your Host Family as if they were your own and so we need to get you the family that suits you the best. Don’t forget to pack your costume!!

Make your memories in England as an immersion student in an English Family Homestay.  You will be the envy of all your friends and spend hours chatting about all the various photos you have..

See you soon.

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