Why I love being a homestay teacher in the UK

Being an English Language Teacher is hugely rewarding and I had a feeling it was going to be when I decided to do it. The range of students passing through English Language Homestays and the Company, is diverse. Young to older, beginners to advanced.

Many International students wish to study for Exams and may require a Fast Track English Course, or if the student already has an English Language base, they may need it for employment they are already a part of. I have taught many students from beginners to higher Levels and each and every one has a different requirement, we are able to cater for all. To learn English, to improve their English or to fast track them in a certain job. I particularly like to find out what motivates a student and incorporate this motivation into the Programme chosen which in turn make them work hard to achieve their ultimate goals. Whatever they are learning English for, the aim is to improve their career goals or just to brush up because they love the language. ‘Having the English Language under your belt is only ever going to enrich your life’ is something one student said to me and I have to agree wholeheartedly.

Private English Lessons build a bond between student and teacher, I also get to enjoy things and places that perhaps I haven’t visited myself for some time. Thus seeing things through fresh eyes because you place yourself into the students shoes. I feel that I am learning many new things along the way.

It’s such a pleasure to present all manner of things to someone who has never experienced it before and it makes me appreciate things and places that seemed not so important before .English Language Homestays is an Interactive school and prides itself on catering for individual needs at a High Level of expectation. I believe that, as a Home Tutor, not only are you bonding, learning and teaching, you are making many memories for an International student to take away with them.

Why I love being a Homestay Tutor in Brighton
Written by :
Tarnya Ticehurst, High School Manager

Spending time with an individual who are so keen to share in our ways, our diversities, our experiences is ultimately, one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever encountered. Introducing a student to our cosmopolitan City as well as improving their English makes for, in my opinion, the best job in the world.!

It is so nice to watch an International student grow in confidence and learn within your family environment and the student always appreciates the cultural divide between us and them. It is so nice to see them sharing thoughts and conversing during a family meal and settling down to watch a movie or play a game or just have a chat about the day’s events. The students that I have had come and stay with us have always been keen to return, not wanting to lose touch as we have all become like a family and I have a huge social media circle now!.

Our Homestay English students, in our experience have enriched our family as well as we, in turn have fulfilled their requirements.

I am very happy to continue in my chosen career and very much look forward to every new student that passes through on their way to a bigger, better and brighter future armed with all the tools they need. Each and every student is different and I look forward to my next English Homestay.

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