How to experience English culture in a language homestay?

How to experience English culture in language homestay?
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Sometimes it is hard to understand how can you learn a language and learn about its culture. For person to fully understand and learn a new language effectively, it is quite necessary for the student to immerse himself or herself in the culture from where the specific language comes from, that is the very reason why our language homestay programme achieves in an effective manner, due to the fact that the student will be having a daily interaction with its host family, which it will aid him or her to understand the culture of the country from where language they are studying originates from.

It is a known fact that language and culture go inherently together. Therefore, it is logical to say that it is of great importance for both aspects to be learnt simultaneously, which it will fast-pace the students learning process.

What is the definition of a cultural experience?

Now, what would the definition be of a person having a cultural experience? By definition to have a cultural experience is when we learn about a different pattern of human knowledge, belief and behaviour that is different from the person in question originate from. This experience depends on the capacity of learning about the symbolic thought and social interacting with an unknown individual. The primary definition of culture is when two or more human beings share to learn about each other’s attitudes, values, goals and practices that encompasses who that institution, organisation or group or country is.

 Two countries, two worlds a cross-cultural experience

Now, I believe that it is necessary to define what does it mean to have a cross-cultural experience. A cross-cultural experience is a well thought out learning experience that situates the student in an ambience where learning is experienced through having intense interaction with another culture from a different country. In other words, you live the experience of what it means to learn a new culture in the very country the language originates from while also learning about its culture when living with the family of your prospective tutor that is, in fact, a native speaker. This will give you a profound understanding of how you supposed to communicate with other people who speak that language. This will make this experience extraordinarily fulfilling, and that is why our English homestay programme works so well.

How is learning about other cultures important? 

Culture is of extreme importance in every people’s lives. It influences people´s point of view, values, humour, hopes, faith, loyalties, their worries and fears. So, when two people decide to build a relationship or friendship, then this open their minds to having a new perspective and understanding of a culture that is different than their own. It also opens the door to another world that they had no knowledge of. With this being said, it is quite understood how beneficial it will be for your child to be in an English homestay programme like ours.

The benefits of experiencing a cultural shock

1. When you are experiencing a cultural shock, your personality changes significantly because this experience teaches you to trust your instincts, it also shows you how to 

Human beings suffer significant personal growth when they feel vulnerable in a given environment or situation. Yes, that is correct, being in an unfamiliar environment can be quite frightening, uncomfortable, and somewhat confusing. But, those moments help you uncover new personality traits you were not aware of and will strengthen who you are. Stressful situations expose your true nature, and it also gives us to chance to improve ourselves.

2. When you experience a culture shock it forces you to adapt and learn a new language at a faster pace.

It has become a necessity to learn a second language in order to connect with the world. Now, learning a new language in a classroom environment is entirely different than submerging yourself in a new culture and learning its language. It is a well-known fact that language and thought are intrinsically connected, and so, when you learn a new language, you will also have the opportunity to change the way to think. But it is entirely reasonable to experience a cultural lag which it refers to the notion that it takes time to adapt to a new surrounding or problem like adjusting to the issue of going through a cultural shock.

After the feeling of suffering a culture shock subsides, I can assure that you will become more comfortable in your new surroundings, and you will also have the chance to build new long-lasting friendships with people from all over the world.

One of the greatest things about travelling and living in a foreign country is having the opportunity of meeting new people and building friendships that will last a lifetime. When you meet people with a different perspective than your own, it changes you into being a more open-minded human being. It may also open the door to other opportunities that may have been inaccessible to you. And in time you will adapt to the cultural identity of the country, and you will feel like you belong to the environment that currently surrounds you.

I hope that this post helped you understand how to experience English culture in a language homestay.

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