How to become a host family in Brighton

Are you interested in hosting international students in Brighton?
Are you interested in hosting international students in Brighton?

Becoming a host family will open the door for you and your family to new cultures, experiences, and to new lasting friendships. And that very important fact is what it will give you the opportunity of earning an always much needed extra income that any family in this world always needs.

We have students joining us from all over the world and staying with a host family is a very important element of their experience. With you, they will have the opportunity to learn more about the English language with day to day conversation, and they will have the opportunity to become part of your family.

For an international student is a great and comforting experience to stay with a host family that reminds him or her the warmth of their home and that very fact is an extremely important part of their experience because it will help them adjust to a new environment while making the experience less overwhelming for them.

Being a host family is an extremely rewarding and fun experience which it will also be a great opportunity to share how amazing British culture can be.

Why Brighton attracts students from all over the world?

One of the reasons that Brighton is so attractive is because of its beautiful beaches that have a cosmopolitan feel which is a place any international student would like to be. This is the very reason why Brighton has proudly been showing students the best the city has to offer for over 39 years. But when you become a host family, you get to show the side of Brighton only the locals know about, and that is an experience any international student will always treasure. And if you decide to become a host family, it will be a continuous rewarding experience for you and your family.

Something that you should always remember

Being a Host family is an incredible and fun experience, that is going to bring wonderful memories for you and your loved ones while as I previously mentioned, you will also be able to generate that extra much-needed income.  That being said becoming a host family is a great way to open you and your family to a new experience. 

We already have many host families around Brighton who are living the great experience of being a Host Family. We are looking for families to be part of our English Language Homestays program, and so, if you live in the East of Sussex and the West of Sussex, then we would love to hear from you. 

What is a host family?

The students from our school require ‘homestay’ accommodation. This means that our students stay in the home of our hosts during their time in Brighton.

What are the requirements to be a Host Family?

The first requirement to be a host is for you to have a spare guest room that has one or two beds in it and for you to be happy to let guest students stay.

Now being a host, it is not solely about providing accommodation to a student from another country, but it also creates a welcoming and happy atmosphere for someone who is in a foreign country. And for younger students, it is extremely important for this kind of environment to be felt by them.

One of the things that our host provides to our students is their meals. This means breakfast, and evening meals and lunch during the day when the students are out on their scheduled activities which is where the students spend most of their time on.

We do not expect you to teach students formally. Our students that are part of a programme have lessons that take place at our language schools. But, we highly encourage you to talk to them in order to improve and practice English during their stay.

Trust and opening when communicating is the best policy

During this process, it is of extreme importance for you as the host family to communicate what you are going to require from the student, and visa versa.

Now, if it is something that is possible, it would be a great idea for you to speak to the students family, because that will give the students parents some peace of mind, due to the fact that their child is far away from home, so I am sure as a parent, you would like to get to know the person your son or daughter is staying with and have as much interaction as possible even if it is over the phone.

Overall as I previously mentioned this is a great opportunity for you and your family to go through while having that much needed extra income that every family always needs. But most of all, you will help a young lady or young man live the most wonderful experience of their lives.

Please take look at our Host family page to learn more, or contact us on Ph:01273 462772


  • Hannah Kemp
    / Reply

    Are you accepting host families in Saltdean as we are interested

    • ambrossini
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      Hello there Hannah, please contact our office directly for host family enquires…01273 462772

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