How to become a foreign exchange student in South Africa

We are often asked how to become a foreign exchange student in the wonderful country of South Africa.


To be a High School Foreign Exchange student in South Africa has become very popular and now many students are signing up on our student exchange programme.  These students come from all corners of the Globe.   Many from countries in Europe such as France; Italy; Belgium; Germany and Spain but do you know we also have international exchange students visiting us from Brazil; Japan; Korea; Canada and America.  All want to become or take part in our High School Exchange Programme.

Its open all year and you can come any time, not only as a Summer Homestay student but any time you wish.  Some students join our High School foreign exchange programme and stay for only 1 month, but others love the country and the area around Cape Town so much they stay for up to one year.

How to become a Foreign Exchange student is easy.  South Africa loves to welcome Young Learners and older students who wish to improve their English in their beautiful country.  You will live in a Homestay with an English speaking family who knows all about taking care of our Foreign Exchange students who attend their High Schools.  If you only wish to attend for up to 3 months on aInternational Student Exchange Programme, then it is easier, because you can enter on a Tourist Visa.  If you stay more than 90 days, then I am afraid you will have to apply for a Student Study Visa, but this is an easy process and very quick.

Our host families in South Africa really enjoy welcoming their International Exchange Students and you will see what a friendly set of people, the South Africans are. They enjoy meeting people from all over the world; love to socialise and show people around South Africa and you will return to your own country with a greater love and knowledge of their land.

The South African High Schools that we work with on our high school programme ( sometimes known as foreign or international exchange programme) welcome our students with open arms.  They think that their own students really enjoy meeting students and encourage all of them to take part in the programme, as well as the shorter Summer Exchange Student Programme.  Just remember that their Summers, are our winters, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, so if you do sign up for a Summer High School Programme then be ready to attend during the months of January and February. Don’t get caught out and sign up in June and July when it can be cold.  Some International Foreign Students have been caught out like that and turned up in June expecting to spend their afternoons on the beaches.  WRONG!!  So do check the weather before you sign up.

If you want to find out more about the High Schools we work with on our Language Homestay Programme then contact us for more information.  We can also tell you about the student homestay accommodation in South Africa that you can expect to live in.

Your hardest bit will be choosing where to take your Foreign Exchange High School Programme.  Of course, English will be a foreign language to you, but you will soon learn to speak it with ease.  Many other people who live in South Africa are not English speakers so you will all be learning together.

Our Schools around Durban and Kwazulu-Natal are quite rural and really embrace places such as the Karoo.  if you want to be nearer to the coast on this programme then choose Durban.  Fascinating people. great beaches and a wonderful Indian influence.  If none of these places are for you then head south to Cape Town where you will always be surprised and never disappointed.

Finally, a lot of our High School Foreign Exchange students like to give something back whilst they are in South Africa.  We encourage our students to volunteer locally, if they are interested.  There are many ways to help.  This is one of our more popular choices with the International Exchange students.  So take a look and see if this is what you would like to do.

And finally, if you are worried about your Homestay in South Africa, then don’t be.  We have some super families living in great locations, so whether you call it a Homestay; a gastfamilien or a Séjours familiaux, you are going to have a LEKKER time on your English Language Homestay in South Africa

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