How to be an Activity Leader for (our) Summer School

Summer School Activity Leaders

Have you ever wanted to have a Summer Job, enjoy the summer weather and learn a new skill? Perhaps you are hoping to improve your English language in a fun and stimulating environment.  Maybe you like the idea of looking after enthusiastic foreign students and having fun with them as well as helping them with their English.

Interested?  Then read on..

Our Activity Leaders are from all over the World.  They usually have a good knowledge of the English language but, be sure, by the time they leave us, their English will have really improved.  That is one reason to become an activity leader

You will be required to organise social events such as BBQ’s and Disco evenings, take part and supervise activities and excursions whether they are local in towns such as Worthing or Brighton or further away such as Hastings or London.  You will be under the supervision of our Activity manager who has been running International Summer Schools for over six years.  She is brilliant at it!  So brilliant at it that many Activity Leaders from abroad ask to come back and work with us again and again.

If you wanted to explore London but didn’t know where to start or didn’t have a lot of money, then coming along with our students will certainly tick that box for you.  Our excursions to London are always stimulating, educational and fun.  For example, sometimes we go to The Globe Theatre on the South Bank.   This is a fascinating day trip as we always ensure our students have a tour and then a Workshop.  Imagine that!

After the workshop, we make sure we take time for a visit to the London Eye or London Dungeon, two very popular London attractions.  On other days we take the students to Portsmouth and you will be required to assist and supervise them on the train to Portsmouth as well as brief them about the day on the journey there. During the time in Portsmouth, you can expect some time for yourself to explore but other times you will be at the top of the Spinnaker Tower or visiting HMS Victory.

Other onerous tasks (!) would be to prepare the Disco and ensure everyone attends and is on time.

Summer School Activity Leaders

You will also make sure students then leave the Disco in time to get the last bus home – always a fun exercise in getting them to leave the Disco on time.  Another time when its sunny we will be organising a Beach BBQ so make sure you know how to flip a burger and share out the Donuts.

There are some important aspects as you will need to be aware of the students Health and Safety, our Adult:Student ratio and of course first aid.  Although we are very safety conscious, it goes without saying that sometimes accidents do happen however hard we try and prepare.  So we ask that you can clean a wound; bandage up a sprained wrist and help a hobbling student who has fallen over at the Roller Disco.

Being able to speak another language is a distinct advantage.  Your English must be at least Intermediate so that you can understand what is needed and also because we use this as the language to communicate to students.  But any other language you can offer is always welcome as our students come from all across the world.

Summer School Activity Leaders

If you have any qualification such as Football Coaching or an interest in Drama and singing, we would love to hear from you.  We also like Activity Leaders with music skills (instruments) Life guard qualifications or anything else that could add a new dimension to our International Summer School .

We pay you pocket money and give you good quality full board accommodation. The accommodation will be close to our school and you will be treated as part of the family. You may possibly share your host family with other Activity leaders.

All in all, being a Summer School Activity Leader is a great way to improve your English and see parts of the world you may not otherwise visit while getting paid as well.  It allows you to become independent, meet interesting people and just have an amazing fun time finding out more about England and all it has to offer.

So whats stopping you?

Contact us today or give us a call at : 01273 462772

For more information about summer school positions and activity leading contact:

Aleks Ptasinsk Homestay English staff
Summer School Manager
Aleks Ptasinska


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