How enrolling in smaller summer school classes will improve your English fast!

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The best part of learning English in a smaller group or class is that you receive lots of additional attention from your teacher. They will be able to help you more readily as they will only be monitoring a class of four to six students as opposed to groups of 15 to 20. This means that it is almost as good as One to One Learning.

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Our top five tips why small English classes are the best…

1. Having a smaller number of students in the class but all of a similar level means that you will get the best attention from your teacher. They will notice anyone who cannot keep up with the pace and assist them so that they don’t hold the group back. And with a smaller group it’s easy to make small changes to the syllabus if these are required or are what the smaller group needs

2. You get to know your class mates more easily and this means you will feel more confident and willing to participate in the lessons. Everyone knows it’s always easier to participate fully when groups are smaller and more personal than being one of a much larger number

3. You simply have to participate because in a small group it’s impossible to hide at the back, fall asleep or listen to iTunes. Yes small groups don’t allow for you to just turn up and snooze the lesson away. We will expect you to participate fully – and you will be really pleased you did when you see how fast you are making progress

4. Teachers notice any problems faster in smaller groups. This means if you are struggling and don’t like to “put your hand up and ask” the teacher usually notices. If you were in a class of 15 to 20 students there is a good chance you would feel less confident about asking questions in case other students laughed. Here, in a small group, you don’t need to worry about being an imposter. Your teacher will see you are confused and help you out, right there and then

5. Smaller groups do allow you to be placed in a group where your English will improve rapidly. Having lots of smaller groups in an English school, rather than one large group means you are placed in a group of students with a similar level of ability so you wont find your lessons too easy or too hard – but JUST RIGHT!

Arguments in favour of smaller English classes

As we move forward in an ever smaller world you will have realised that learning English is important. It is widely and commonly spoken throughout the world and used in both business and aviation. In fact English is the only recognised common language in aviation.

It is easy to learn. In fact it is one of the more easier languages to conquer and will allow you to mix with people from around the world and come into contact with other English speakers. Therefore to improve your English in any significant way you really need to look out for English courses that are offering lessons run by native English speakers and teachers and having all aspects of English taught.

By this we mean written; spoken and reading English and this way your knowledge of English will become wider and more fluent. You will realise you are speaking English more without the need to translate it back into your own language and then back to English again. It will become automatic and second nature.

Improving your English should be your first choice when learning a foreign language. Look for a school that offers specialist courses from Young Learners to exam English to Business English to Aviation English and everything in between. And once you have decided on your set course then keep looking for the ones which offers English in Small groups and you will be well on your way to not only improving your English but also being able to speak it as a very proficient second language.

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