How do we choose our Host Tutors?

We are often asked how we choose our Host Tutors….. and its very easy! First, we look at their qualifications to ensure they have been through a comprehensive training programme to be able to teach English as a foreign language and to teach it well!

We want to make sure they are also flexible and can turn their hand to teach children as well as adults. We also recruit Tutors for Special Teaching Programmes such as Business English; First Certificate Preparation and Aviation English. So you can be sure that our teachers are “ fit for purpose”

Secondly, we always go and meet them personally and take time to chat with them in their own surroundings. If we feel comfortable, then we would like to think that you will also. We use this opportunity to really explore their home and find out about their lifestyle. We check the bedroom and bathroom and see how they take their meals and spend their evenings. In short, we really try to see how they past each day, and question if this would suit our students.

We don’t place adults in homes with young children.

Sacha Stone, Short Stay Manager

When we receive application forms from our students, we already read these very carefully and try to place our students with the best tutor available on the dates provided. We wouldn’t place a sporty student with an early retired lady whose interest is books and art.

Add to this that we invite our tutors to attend our Training Courses; send them links to professional website and offer free loans of our Training and Teaching Books and Manuel’s.

Finally, we are always on hand – 24 hours a day in case anything happens and you need our help.

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