Host Family Information

Host Family Information

Host family guidelines & tips

We know that our Host Families really go the whole way when welcoming our students. They are friendly and welcoming and offer good clean accommodation. Many of our host families have been with us for over thirty years and their children are also now hosting with us. We feel this is a brilliant recommendation. This page is designed to give our host families as much information as possible when Long Term students are with us. This means they know what the student is doing at any one time and saves confusion and mis understanding.
On this page you will find all of the relevant information; schedules and programmes for your Long Term Students. This will be relevant when you have Summer School Students on any of our three programmes.

Please feel free to download and save or print the document off.  Its for the whole period of our Summer School programme so look for the relevant dates and you can see what your student is doing – and when!

Additionally you can find a page with handy tips and information to help you when your student arrives. This tells you where they need to be and when as well as Excursion and Disco information – it’s a really useful document

Download Host family Information and tips related to your summer school student

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Emergency Mobile for out of office hours

 07930 805196

Please try to use for genuine concerns/emergencies!!

Download Summer School Programme

Download the English in Small Groups(Club Study) Programme

Download Junior Summer School Programme

Download The Football Academy Brochure & Programme

Our Welfare Officer

During our Summer School we have a dedicated Welfare Officer.  This is Lois, whom is known to many of you. Lois will deal with any cares and concerns relating to your student.  Please call her in the office if you are worried  ( 01273 462 772) or fill in the contact form below or email her directly.

Additionally, you will find Lois at the Adur Rec most mornings from 08.15hrs if you want a quick chat with her.

Also on Excursion Days there will always be someone from the office at Shoreham station to deal with worries and concerns that can not wait until the next working day. As the song says… “ you will never walk alone…“

Suggested Meal options for a typical 5 Night Stay

Students have a long and sometimes very demanding day whilst here in the UK studying English. European students are used to eating a hot meal at lunch time so we have to make sure they are receiving an adequate meal. In order to meet their daily basic lunch requirements we have provided the following list of items which should be included every day:-

Regular Menu

Gluten Free Meal

Vegetarian Meal

Vegan Menu

Lactose Intolerant


For your convenience and ease we use a live Coach Schedule Excel Spreadsheet. Please contact us and we will email you one over straight away. When you receive it, it will always reflect the most up to date situation as we know it. Please remember this can change on a weekly basis – and often does!

Contact for more information

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