Homestay in Brighton|How Homestays Benefit the Visitor, the Host, and the Community

Homestay in Brighton|How Homestays Benefit the Visitor, the Host, and the Community
Homestay in Brighton|How Homestays Benefit the Visitor, the Host, and the Community

What is a homestay?

A homestay is a short term or long term period of time where one stays with a local family in a foreign place. For example, if you travel to Brighton and stay with a local British family during your visit, then you and the family are both participating in a homestay program. You are the visitor, and the Brighton family is the host family. They allow you to live in their home and often participate in family events such as meals and gatherings. 

Homestay Families will often have a single room available. Some families host multiple students at once who can share a room. Staying in a homestay is a wonderful way to build authentic relationships with local families. It also allows you to gain insights into a city that you might otherwise not have gotten. By exploring a city with a local, you get the opportunity to see their home through their eyes instead of through your own “tourist” eyes. Staying in a homestay enhances your travel experience in more ways than you can ever imagine.

Why Choose a Homestay in Brighton?

What is so special about Brighton? Why choose Brighton as your English language homestay destination? If you already know that you want to learn a foreign language, then you probably know that there are more than 50 English speaking countries in the world. Because this language is the third most commonly spoken language in the world (after Mandarin and Spanish), learning English will benefit you in several aspects of your life. International students gain value from learning English because they join a group of approximately 375 million people who speak the language, opening doors to communication with a whole new portion of the world. 

Brighton, specifically, has so many wonderful things to see and people to meet. The population of this vibrant waterfront resort town, about an hour’s train ride south from London, is almost 156,000. Its lively energy most likely stems from its colourful coastal amusement attractions and its expansive beaches. Brighton is home to dozens of tourist attractions including the Brighton Palace Pier, which opened in 1899 and holds amusement rides, arcade games, children’s play areas, restaurants, pubs, and plenty of seating area to enjoy the ocean breeze. The Brighton Pier juts out from the main beach and is a masterpiece of lights at night for much of the town to see.

The Royal Pavilion, or sometimes called the Brighton Pavilion, is a striking Chinese-Indian style palace in the centre of the city that was built for King George IV in 1787. Its rich history and distinctive aesthetics make it a destination spot for anyone visiting Brighton.

Another one of Brighton’s beautiful landmarks on the coast is the Brighton Marina. Beyond the sight of the sail boats with an ocean view backdrop, this man-made marina consists of shopping, restaurants, golf, bowling, and seasonal events. If you’re a sports fan, you can check out the local professional football team, the Brighton and Hove Albion F.C. Brighton and its neighbouring town, Hove, express great pride in their football team, showing up in grand attendance to the Falmer Stadium that holds 30,750 people.

Art enthusiasts can journey through several museums including the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery and the Brighton Toy and Model Museum. These museums hold historical and modern pieces that tell the stories of Brighton culture. The unique collections comprise of 20th century art, fashion, interactive displays, and more than ten thousand toys and models. Explore the Booth Museum of Natural History to see birds, butterflies, fossils, and more. This collection boasts natural history from a Victorian collector and contains beautiful preserved pieces and hands on displays.

If shopping is on your mind, the Brighton Lanes, or more commonly referred to just as The Lanes, is the place for you. This charming collection of small streets and narrow alleyways holds dozens of shops and restaurants. In this famously quirky corner of the city, you can find apparel, accessories, coffee, food, and plenty of antiques. If you ever plan to visit Brighton, The Lanes is a must do on your itinerary.

Why Host International Students in Brighton?

Bringing students from other cultures into your home not only enriches the life of your family, but it enriches your local community as well. By offering a homestay accommodation, you are giving someone the opportunity to see your city and your home in a light that they might not have otherwise if they had stayed in a hostel or boarding facility. Building relationships with people outside of your culture can break down barriers and lead to lasting relationships. If you have children or teens in your home, this is especially beneficial for them to engage with people from around the world. Interacting with students who are different from them will give them a better understanding of the world and how they fit in it. When you become a host, you give the gift

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