Homestay-how it works

Homestay English and how it works

How It Works: English Homestay

Once you arrive in the UK we want you to have an enjoyable and relaxing time and therefore it’s important that your accommodation is truly a home away from home. There is no better way to experience the British way of life than by staying with a Host family or Host tutor and it is by far our most popular accommodation choice.

Staying with a Host family/ Host tutor

English Language Homestays Summer Students

What’s the difference between a Host family and a Host tutor? (It depends which of our programmes you choose).

Most ELH English programmes provide half or full-board accommodation with our host families – this means that you will eat and sleep in their house, but your English lessons will take place in one of our classrooms, where you will learn English with other students – your classmates. Host tutors are part of our One-to-one teaching programme where you (alone or with a friend) learn English and live with your teacher in his/her house. This way you benefit from a more intensive way of learning. Also available for adults click here.

  • Our hosts are welcoming and friendly. They have children of their own, normally also living in the house, so you will fit right in and they will treat you as part of the family from day one.
  • You will be a good fit. We will ensure that each student is allocated to the Host Family that will suit them as much as possible, to ensure a happy and carefree stay.
  • Comfortable and clean accommodation. We ensure that all our hosts (Host families and Host tutors) provide accommodation of a high standard that is regularly inspected and our Accommodation Officer is on call 24/7 to resolve any issues you might have during your stay.
  • Private or Shared room. Our Homestay Tuition students mainly have a room to themselves. We also offer en suite accommodation on request. Our Short Stay and Summer School students can often be sharing a room with people from their group – this is normally very popular with the students!
  • Meals provided by your Hosts. Your host will provide breakfast and an evening meal, with full board students also receiving a packed lunch. Your meals will be traditional, enjoyable family food. If advised, your hosts can also cater for special dietary requirements such as vegetarian, gluten free etc.

Teachers’ and Drivers’ accommodation

We can provide teachers and drivers with homestay accommodation in a home, with or without children. Alternatively we can organise competitively priced guest house accommodation including B&Bs, Guest Houses and Public House accommodation.

Transfers to your accommodation

We can, if you prefer, meet students from an airport, railway station or sea port and take them directly to their host family. Here’s how it works:

  • All courier bookings are made by us, and can cater for any special requirements
  • Younger travellers get extra special attention in case they are worried about being away from home
  • Our experienced couriers will welcome the students, tell them a little bit more about the country and their stay, and get them to their accommodation safely.
  • Transfer prices vary, depending on arrival point and destination. Please contact us for a confirmed price.

Students with disabilities

At English Language Homestays we take a pro-active approach to disability, and we undertake to work with our disabled students to make their home stays and learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Our teacher have access to a host of books and other teaching materials to provide the appropriate learning materials for our students.

Safety and Security

  • Rigorous checks. We undertake rigorous checks of everyone who works for us or on our behalf
  • Social Services Guidelines and Sussex Police Initiatives. We work closely and within all Social Service Guidelines and with Sussex Police on initiatives to improve the safety and welfare of the students.
  • Host families. We know all our host families very well, having worked with many of them over a number of years.
  • Accommodation re-inspections. Each year we do a re-inspection of our host accommodation to ensure that our standards are being met and the houses are still suitable to welcome students.
  • Local Coordinator. All students have access to a local coordinator or representative that will be available to deal with any issues or concerns that they may have during their stay.
  • 24-hour help line. We issue a 24-hour monitored telephone number to all our students so that they can reach us in case of an emergency.

Important information

  • Please ensure you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).
  • If you become ill: Your health and welfare is our prime concern so if you are feeling unwell or have an accident in the first instance please tell your host family who will look after you and contact us if required. You will be given two numbers to call; the office and an emergency mobile number for out-of-office hours and we will ensure that you receive all the treatment you need. You should also bring your family and friends’ contact numbers.
  • Disability. We take a pro-active approach to disability and we undertake to work with our disabled students to make their home stays and learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all.
  • Smoking. The legal smoking age in England and the UK is 18 and it is illegal to sell tobacco to anyone under the age of 18 in any part of the UK. Smoking is not permitted in most public buildings including cafes, restaurants and bars. Smoking inside our homestay homes is not permitted unless agreed with the host family and you are over 18.
  • Drugs and alcohol. We operate a ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy with regard to Drugs and Alcohol. Any student under the age of 18 found with these will be repatriated immediately.
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